I used to get a lot of comments and they were my favorite part of blogging. Now no one seems to be commenting. /sigh/ I suppose I’ve just been gone that long. I look forward to your all’s comments starting back up.

Much love — Rachel Izabella ~~~~~(~@

Comments? Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t read the news, but yesterday via social media I learned that the US is/is about to start bombing Syria. The Fukushima nuclear reactor is releasing huge amounts of radiation into the Pacific Ocean. And someone somewhere — don’t know who, don’t care — said that Chelsea Manning getting raped in prison will be good practice for her becoming a woman. —Fuck you, human race. I resign. Where’s the fucking Singularity when you need it?

(It’s hyperbole, folks, but how else save via hyperbole can outrage sufficient to these times be expressed?)

Where’s the F***ing Singularity When You Need It?

‘The genuine artist does not traffic in fictions. The daemonic powers that he sings, speaks, or forms, are *there.* In plastic embodiment the wave is image *and*event.—The cosmic epic poet reunites that which has been sundered: the epic world-poem to the “ardor of the eye.” He steps out of the modern age and spins the golden threads of the eternal flux. A god and a lightning-bolt will not suffice—the entire history of the gods must unfold before his gaze’ – Ludwig Klages

Thanks are due to Craig Slee for sharing this quote. —Rachel Izabella

Ludwig Clages Quote

“The Arte Magical is of sufficient potency and origination that it need not model itself upon the artifices of fantasists; nor is the sorcerer bound by the experiences of others in effectively penetrating the vastness of his own. The Inner Nature of Witch-Cult is such that it has long recognized Imagination as one of the greatest incarnative powers of Man. This faculty, especially in the past four centuries, has been suppressed, manacled, muted, and assaulted in the profane order; content to atrophy in the Station of the Ape, it is thus become, in our present era, a Forbidden Art.”

Daniel Schulke, Lux Haeresis

“If today you had to choose one of the two thieves crucified with Christ as a friend or think about which of the two you could sooner put your trust in, it’s certainly not that whimpering convert. No, it’s the other one, he’s a real man with character. He doesn’t give a hoot about converting, which in his situation can only be pretty speechifying; he travels his path to the end, and doesn’t act like a coward at the last minute, renouncing the Devil, who must have helped him up until then. He’s a man of character, and people of character generally get short shrift in Bible stories. Maybe he’s a descendant of Cain. Don’t you think so?”

– Max Demian

Well, that didn’t take long. A wonderful suggestion re which “back to basics” book I should read and practice, the subject of my last entry here. —I just checked my Twitter account and two friends — Polyphanes who writes the blog The Digital Ambler and Balthazar Blacke who writes Conjure Gnosis — both strongly suggested Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Everything since, they say, is derivative of that. And the thought would never, ever have occurred to me. I even own the book, though I’ve used it thus far only as reference. I like the idea. That’s really going back to basics. I think I just may give it a try…

Well, that didn’t take long. A wonderful suggestion

So I have crossed conditions. I can deal. But today I go for the Uncrossing Oil and it’s gone bad. Nothing else, just the Uncrossing Oil. That is so not a coincidence. I can still deal though. —My natron bath last night plus the Adjuration of Metatron & Preliminary Protective Rite from the Book of Abrasax ended my daylong panic attack and the feeling of ants crawling all over my body. I see a repeat tonight. In fact, I see frequent spiritual baths for the rest of my life.

So I have crossed conditions. I can deal.