Update On My First Performance of the Imprecatory Psalms Rite

First of all you read that right. Last night was only my first performance of the rite of imprecatory Psalms against the plague-on-toast transphobe I wrote about yesterday and against whom I devised the rite with a little help from a friend (cough—Michael Strojan—cough). I plan to do this rite until, well, I don’t feel like doing it any more. Say, at least a week, and knowing me I’ll miss a night or two. It’s the way I roll. Sometimes the Black Dog or the Mammoth catch up to me and leave me rather helpless. And that’s just got to be OK.

The first hitch in the rite was that I could not find any incense charcoal, none, anywhere, and I turned the place upside down looking for some. —Oh well, I improvised. I chose a purple candle, blessed it and filled it with clear Azoth as taught by Jason Miller in his Strategic Sorcery Course, anointed it with Van Van Oil, said a prayer to Iao Sabaoth and a rather longer one to the Master Yeshua, and lit the candle. During the prayers I pointed to a picture of the offender (please see the relevant post because I want to avoid his name — all publicity is good publicity they say) and asked that all the imprecations in all the Psalms I was about to enunciate be visited upon him.

You may wonder why I chose a royal colored candle and a blessing oil like Van Van in a curse. The reason is simple: I chose those items as a small sacrifice to Iao Sabaoth and the Master Yeshua and not as part of the curse. End of story.

The second hitch was that my voice got tired. I was croaking out the Psalms by the end. Except 109. I managed to enunciate that one really well because it is truly full of damnation. I need to practice which pitch I speak at, how loudly I speak, etc., etc. —It’s not easy being a trans woman sometimes. After almost four years of transition I haven’t yet figured out yet how properly to enounce magickal phrases, and never mind vibrating voces magicae. Embarrassing but true. Practice however will make perfect.

The following wasn’t a hitch but a change. I had the urge to perform the rite at the Great Hour, which in Quimbanda-speak means the midnight hour. I’m a big fan of nighttime and am particularly fond of the Great Hour. It was just a whim but I felt, I think, that I performed the rite more successfully at that time than I could have at any other hour.

During the incantation of the Psalms I felt a distinct and strong energy flowing through my body, concentrated in the Fire Center which is just below the navel. I don’t know what that means but I kind of took it as a good sign.

Lastly, I believe that one mere repetition of the Psalms will not be enough to overcome the power of the egregore protecting the piece of shit in question. Hence I’m going to attempt, I repeat attempt, seven repetitions at least.

Really lastly, it would be great if some of my readers would join me in the rite, whenever you want and however you want to modify it. The more of us doing it the more power we bring to bear against the noxious egregore that this so-called pastor worships in a hideous symbiotic relationship.

Much love to all my readers — Rachel Izabella

Transgender nursing student threatened with arrest for using women’s restroom – LGBTQ Nation

Speaking of transphobia and “legal” action against trans* people (see my previous post on the miserable fate that is likely in store for Greek transfolk), it’s happening here — in the United States of America — more and more. While the recent (and truly rather small) victories for proponents of gay marriage have been taking place, persecution of trans* people in America seems to be on the rise. I’m seeing more and more instances of such persecution in my news feeds. I couldn’t begin to report on them all here.

LGBTQI folks need more than marriage. We need, probably most of all, equal protections under the law.

Is America developing its own case of low-grade, low-profile fascism? —I don’t bandy that word lightly. I say what I mean and mean what I say when I use that word.

Read about an instance of suchlike homegrown tendencies by clicking on the link below.

Transgender nursing student threatened with arrest for using women’s restroom – LGBTQ Nation.

…and then they came for the trans* people. – Second Council House of Virgo

...and then they came for the trans* people. - Second Council House of Virgo – Second Council House of Virgo

“Undesirables” in increasingly fascist Greece are being harassed, rounded up, imprisoned and disappeared. Amongst these “undesirables” are now, of course, trans* people. Will the bona fide fascism of the Golden Dawn begin to spread? Has it already and I just don’t know about it?

Of course it’s not just the trans* people who are suffering. The homeless, homosexuals, and other groups of “undesirables” are also being rounded up and disappeared.

It’s very discouraging to read how the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church are cheering all this on. Discouraging, but not surprising. It behooves a national Church to watch and mimic carefully what it sees the government doing, especially if that government is on or past the brink of fascism. And though doing so behooves them, it’s a betrayal of their Lord, Jesus ben Elohim. (For Whom I have great respect, my clean break from the Church notwithstanding. Jesus and the Church … there isn’t much of a connection between the two.)

“Never again!” people say or once said concerning Nazi Germany. Well, sorry folks, it is happening again. Click on the link below to read more about it.

…and then they came for the trans* people. – Second Council House of Virgo – Second Council House of Virgo.

And if you want to sign a petition to the European Union asking member nations to put a stop to this, click on this next link.

Tell EU Member States: Save Greek “undesirables” from internment camps!

Symbol of the Greek fascist party, the Golden Dawn


Should Trans People Have to Disclose Their Birth Gender Before Sex? | VICE United States

Paris Lees In Bed

Absolutely disgusting. Trans*folk in the UK now by law must disclose their physical birth gender to potential sex partners. If you think that’s a good idea, I say It’s nobody’s business but your own! Nobody’s, never! Disclose if you want — it’s safer, i.e., you’re less likely to get murdered — and don’t if you don’t want to. For once Aleister Crowley was right. Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law. (Even though he “borrowed” the idea.) —I know this is a topic which can provoke extreme controversy. It’s just the idea of it being the law of the land in a supposedly free country like the UK that pisses me off.

Incomparable, extremely forthright, and beautiful Paris Lees writes about this nauseating development at the link below.

Should Trans People Have to Disclose Their Birth Gender Before Sex? | VICE United States.

TransGriot: Oh Hell No Sirius XM!

If anyone wonders why so many transwomen are murdered, think on what the media says. Think on what the news media say. Think on what’s written in the blogosphere.

Radio talk show hosts Lex and Terry condone the murder of Los Angeles transwoman Coco McDonald. One of them says he’d’ve done the same thing himself to her. Note: Coco McDonald was robbed then shot twice.

Listen to a clip from the actual Sirius XM broadcast and hear Lex and Terry for yourselves at the link below.

TransGriot: Oh Hell No Sirius XM!.

TNUKdigest : Message: [News] [CA, USA] Faith groups oppose California ‘bathroom bill’ for transgenders

Faith groups? People who oppose women — transsexual women — using women’s restrooms are called “faith groups”? What kind of faith? Faith that all men, and maybe women, are created equal, but some men and women are more equal than others, that’s what kind of faith these “faith groups” profess by their actions in California.

—Fortunately, last I looked, in NC it’s legal for men and anyone else to use a women’s restroom unless said restroom has a shower also. If you gotta go, you gotta go, after all.

By the way, what part of speech is “transgender”? Dictionary.reference.com defines it as a noun and an adjective. The noun definition: “a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser”. What an ugly word, really no part of speech at all. I’m a transsexual. I am not a “transgender”!

TNUKdigest : Message: [News] [CA, USA] Faith groups oppose California ‘bathroom bill’ for transgenders.

I received my first I’ll call it hate comment day before yesterday. “Haters gonna hate,” I know but it still bothered me. The coward entered a false email address and attempted to hide hir tracks with amateurish hacking. I don’t know hir name or gender but I do know to a very close proximity where sie sent the email from. The creature is probably young but nevertheless…

Mx. Hater, may the lamiai and empousai that follow in Hekate’s wake embrace you — completely and forever.

My First Hate Comment

Transgender Homicides in Baltimore and Elsewhere Raise Alarm: NBJC, NCAVP and others call on authorities to solve recent killings of trans women in Florida, Maryland and Ohio: News section: Metro Weekly

The murders of transsexual women continue unabated. As Kurt Vonnegut said with subtle irony, “So it goes.” —Well it fucking shouldn’t “go” this way! But it will. It will.

So it goes.

Transgender Homicides in Baltimore and Elsewhere Raise Alarm: NBJC, NCAVP and others call on authorities to solve recent killings of trans women in Florida, Maryland and Ohio: News section: Metro Weekly.

Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate

Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate.

The black transsexual woman stabbed to death and tied to a piece of concrete and thrown into a pond in Ohio? Her name was Cemia Dove. Her nickname was Ci Ci. Below is her picture in life.

To add insult to death, the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows not a pic like this, but a mug shot. They call her corpse “oddly dressed.” Worst of all the newspaper called her an “it”. Here’s the quote from http://www.transadvocate.com, quoting the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Police said after they contacted area law enforcement for help identifying the body, Cleveland detectives told them they had a missing person matching its description.

Yeah. Plain Dealer reporter John Caniglia referred to Cemia as an it

And even worse than that is the fact that Cemia is the third transsexual woman of color murdered in the USA so far this month. That is, the third we know about. There have been more murdered— this month — that no one knows about, without a doubt.

Requiescas in pace, Cemia. Violent, premature deaths make for restless ghosts. Still, against all odds, Requiescas in pace, Cemia.

Cemia Dove

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio | Gay Star News

Yet another transsexual woman murdered. It doesn’t sound as if she were a saint, but she didn’t deserve this:

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio | Gay Star News.

Seven Transphobic Tropes Debunked | The Transadvocate

The seven probably most common arguments used to denigrate, confuse, thwart and cause FUD in transfolk are refuted, debunked, slain, destroyed. Remember if you’re wondering if you’re trans you probably are. I say, Fear nothing!

Seven Transphobic Tropes Debunked | The Transadvocate.