Pope Francis’s Take on the Transgender: A Quick Summary

Image: Leelah Alcorn via Google Images

“If you ‘think’ you are transgender, get over it. Also, don’t be depressed about it. Deny your gender dysphoria. And We would be very happy if you would refrain from self-harm of any kind due to your deluded unhappiness. After all, gender is a mere linguistic construct, not a fact of personal identity. You have no right to your feelings nor your identity. I repeat, get over yourself and do as Mother Church says. This is your cross to bear — until death, which We acknowledge may come to you all too soon in the form of suicide, but the Church has no help for you because you ‘suffer’ from a nonexistent problem, the so-called ‘gender crisis'”.


She’s Courageous, She’s a Role Model, She’s 12 Years Old


Read about Jazz at this link: http://bit.ly/1astHOj. She puts my stealth ass to shame. I want to be her when I grow up.

Jazz says in the article linked to above:

I wouldn’t change myself at all. Being transgender makes me who I am; a strong person, a confident person. Being transgender gives me my personality.

This. Just this.

Living in Stealth


Scylla and Charybdis

I never wanted it. I certainly never planned it. But I moved to this apartment complex a month and a half ago and I simply was not going to be the first to bring up the fact that I’m trans. Somebody will read me and gossip will spread and I’ll deal, with boldness and a smile on my face — that’s what I thought would happen. But it hasn’t so far. A month and a half isn’t long, I admit, but I did not have the confidence in my own femininity to believe that living in stealth — meaning here that my neighbors think I’m a cis woman — for any length of time was even possible.

I’m conflicted about stealth. I was all about how visibility is a good thing for trans people, and I was going to be a poster child as it were. My thoughts on the matter run a little like this—

Am I living a lie? No, because I am a woman. Being a trans woman does not change that. And what my neighbors think of me is their business.

But trans women are different from cis women… Yes. Yes we are. But the fact I’m trans is none of anybody’s business.

What about the conversational acrobatics that living in stealth entails? *sigh* Yes, there’s that. Letting my neighbors go on about me being my children’s biological mother, or about my husband, and me just smiling and nodding and and saying as little as possible but still saying a little … that’s deceit. But I will not be the first to bring up my being trans. Psychologists say that we all tell about seventeen lies a day. If I implicitly tell nineteen, so be it.

So I am living a lie, or rather some little white lies… I suppose I am. Little white lies and conversational simplifications are a fact of life for everyone.

How does this make me feel? Bad, because I don’t like even little white lies. Good, because I enjoy being a woman and being perceived as a woman. I did say I was conflicted.

Should I come out to my closest neighbors? There is no question of should here. I’m under no obligation to tell anybody squat about my being trans. Once again it’s none of anybody’s business. I’m free to share the fact how, when, and where I choose (like here).

Why am I so set on not being the first to bring up the fact I’m trans? Because I’d feel like a pedophile going door to door by law and disclosing some wrongness about myself. There is however nothing wrong with me.

Am I sure I’m not just a coward? I’ve come out to a lot of people face to face. I could do it now, and I choose not to.

Does living in stealth put me in greater danger? Because stealth probably isn’t going to last forever… Being a trans woman is to be in danger already. Greater danger? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the shock some neighbor might someday feel will engender fear and rage. But maybe the fact I’m already a cherished member of my little corner of the apartment complex will open a mind or two, if/when I’m outed. —But this is certain: coming out would put me in greater danger now. I don’t need that.


And so on and so forth.

With the advent of the Internet there’s really no such thing as deep stealth any more. But my closest neighbors aren’t exactly Internet whizzes. That said, my days of stealth probably won’t last forever. When they’re over I’ll deal, I’ll abide. Hell, I’ll even come to thrive. It’s what I always seem to do — survive. And in the meantime I am and will continue taking proactive steps.

I didn’t ask for or look for stealth. While it lasts … I’m conflicted, but I’m enjoying the unexpected peace and quiet.


Coda. This was a hard post to write, the topic difficult and very near to my life as I’m living it. All comments are of course welcome, but I do not need advice on whether to come out or not. I’ve received plenty of that already, some friends advising me to come out, some advising me not to. Thank you for your consideration.

Fox News’ Coverage Of Transgender Community Challenged By Equality Group

It’s no surprise that Fox News occasionally displays bigotry and prejudice towards transfolk. I’m posting this link mostly for the 15 Things to Know About Being Transgender slide show included on the page. Fifteen snippets of high quality, accurate, and easy on the eyes information.

Fox News’ Coverage Of Transgender Community Challenged By Equality Group.

Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate

Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate.

The black transsexual woman stabbed to death and tied to a piece of concrete and thrown into a pond in Ohio? Her name was Cemia Dove. Her nickname was Ci Ci. Below is her picture in life.

To add insult to death, the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows not a pic like this, but a mug shot. They call her corpse “oddly dressed.” Worst of all the newspaper called her an “it”. Here’s the quote from http://www.transadvocate.com, quoting the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Police said after they contacted area law enforcement for help identifying the body, Cleveland detectives told them they had a missing person matching its description.

Yeah. Plain Dealer reporter John Caniglia referred to Cemia as an it

And even worse than that is the fact that Cemia is the third transsexual woman of color murdered in the USA so far this month. That is, the third we know about. There have been more murdered— this month — that no one knows about, without a doubt.

Requiescas in pace, Cemia. Violent, premature deaths make for restless ghosts. Still, against all odds, Requiescas in pace, Cemia.

Cemia Dove

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio | Gay Star News

Yet another transsexual woman murdered. It doesn’t sound as if she were a saint, but she didn’t deserve this:

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio | Gay Star News.

Seven Transphobic Tropes Debunked | The Transadvocate

The seven probably most common arguments used to denigrate, confuse, thwart and cause FUD in transfolk are refuted, debunked, slain, destroyed. Remember if you’re wondering if you’re trans you probably are. I say, Fear nothing!

Seven Transphobic Tropes Debunked | The Transadvocate.


…No. Not for living a wretched life as a wannabe man. But when I lived alone in my hometown in the mountains for eight months in 2011 I pared down my life to such a level of simplicity that for a little while I was actually competent at everything I did. That was the only time in my life when I knew exactly what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it (always ASAP), where I wanted to, and I just did it. Things now are so very much more complicated. I can no longer get along totally without help. No longer can I do exactly and only what I want, when I want. I need a lot of help, there are many things I simply can’t do, and until I can again afford auto insurance I certainly can’t do what I want where I want. Now that’s something to be nostalgic for: mobility. As a tribute to those completely self-competent days of utter freedom and faux-manhood, I offer the video below. —When you realize you’re trans your musical and other tastes will change some, but not too much. I still love the music of Hank III, even though I also love Hyuna. So I say farewell to those days of utter simplicity thus, with a music video, which reminds me all too much of those good marvelous horrifying times.

Transgender children: 3 British case studies

Paris’s previous article on transgender children, which I just now found and read. –The children themselves are just beautiful. What better argument against transphobia that mere beauty?


I was recently asked to speak at the NSPCC about the issues trans children face. As part of my talk I read out three case studies, published below. All names have been changed.

(IMAGE: Young trans campaigner Livvy james)

Livvy James


Despite presenting as a girl and being known as a girl by most of the children in her class, 6-year-old Naomi, who attended a small church school in a village in East Anglia, was constantly referred to as a boy by her class teacher and her headteacher. The class teacher said she had to be called her boy’s name because that was on her official documentation.

Even when her parents got her name changed by deed poll the teacher continued to do this. The head consistently failed to attend meetings with her parents and failed to return correspondence. All the children in her class were OK with her expressing…

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The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog

I let the blog die for a few months. So what? I’m under no obligation. But the interest expressed in it (two whole comments today) is causing me to reconsider its quick demise.

On FaceBook months ago I promised my friends an entry on three magical ways to cure or ameliorate migraines. I never came through, never made good on that promise. Expect that entry soon. Also I may write about how it went, coming out to my parents. Or that may be too personal, I don’t know yet. Suffice it to say that it went very well. If someone had told me it would go the way it did I’d never have believed them.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I have things things I need to get out of my system. Expect more embloggery soon, and till then may the Gods be with you, for They are god.