Let’s Curse A Transphobic Preacher [EDITED]

[EDIT: I am quoting him without permission here but I don’t think he would mind. A Facebook friend of mine shared this article on his timeline and had this to say about it:

To turn another cheek is a valuable lesson in self-assertion, not some pacifist acceptance of persecution. In a very real way, it’s the ultimate insult to those who persecute you – a proverbial “come at me, brah”. I don’t encourage cursing except in extremis or when something could adversely affect marginalized populations. This is a wonderful analysis of ethical cursing.

This made me proud because he’s a wonderful guy, a scholar and a gentleman, and a true magus. /EDIT]

I am about to embark on my first small mission to try and change the world.

There is a video on YouTube that is actually called Pastor Stephen Anderson Wants Caitlyn Jenner To Die, Because God’s Love.

And here is an article about it from Addicting Info. And here is a freaking unbelievably wicked and vicious transphobic quote of Pastor Stephen’s from the article:

“I’m going to pray that he [Caitlyn Jenner] dies and goes to Hell. Are you serious? Look, I have nothing but hate — when I see a man dressed up as a woman, who has mutilated his body to become a woman, and say ‘Hey, look at me everybody. Look at me kids!’ I mean, the kids in America today — 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10 years old are seeing this freak and having their minds perverted and ruined permanently. Listen to me, I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love — NO LOVE — for this Bruce [Caitlyn] freak. I hope he dies today. I hope he dies and goes to Hell. He’s disgusting, he’s filthy, he’s reprobate. I would pray all these prayers in Psalm 69. I would pray all this in Psalm 69 and 129 toward him.”

Emphases and corrections are mine. The misgendering of Caitlyn Jenner is so rampant that corrections would be intrusive. A man who considers himself a Christian has NO LOVE for Caitlyn Jenner. This same man claims to follow the so-called Man-God Jesus Christ who said Love thy neighbor and when asked Who is my neighbor answered in a parableEveryone. Stephen Anderson is no Christian. The “God” he prays to is no God (more on that below). And he has publicly announced his intention to pray Psalms to his “God” that Caitlyn Jenner’s heart will be ripped out by said “God”.

I am a trans woman myself, as every reader of this blog knows. For all I know somebody out there may be doing such Psalm magick on me. People here puts roots (pronounced ruts) on each other all the time. And yes, in case you were wondering, in my view prayer is magick. Pastor Stephen Anderson is going to or probably already has engaged in an act of harmful magick. This is how it works. You ask a spirit of sufficient power and the right propensities for something and often it is done. Or  in this man’s case  he asks a powerful egregore for something and often it is done. And an egregore is all that this man’s “God” is in my not so humble opinion. And finally, some words and names and combinations of words have real Power behind them, no matter who says them. The Psalms are just such combinations of words. They are dangerous in the wrong hands. Let us now begin to put the Psalms to use in the right hands.

But let’s return to to Caitlyn Jenner and to egregores (what the fuck is an egregore?)… Firstly, no matter what your views on Caitlyn Jenner are, I sincerely hope that if you’re reading this blog article you believe she has the right to live. Psalm magic as I have said above is powerful. Psalms prayed by a man fueled by the egregore that is the Evangelicals’ “God” have a lot of power. Although his “God” is no God the entity he is praying to has a lot of power, being first created and then constantly energized by the belief and prayers of its faithful. Secondly, that, my friends, is just one kind of egregore.

Somehow I doubt that Anderson’s prayer magick will actually kill Caitlyn Jenner but why take the risk?

And why stop at Caitlyn Jenner? Why not direct some Psalm magick at Pastor Stephen Anderson himself? He’s vile scum who deserves the worst that we practitioners can hurl at him.

A dear friend of mine, Michael Strojan (I won’t link to his Facebook timeline here without his permission), has this to say: “Oh, dear sister, why limit yourself to two [Psalms]? I have fourteen: 5, 10, 17, 35, 58, 59, 69, 70, 79, 83, 109, 129, 137, 140; these, my sister, are the imprecatory Psalms and unleash a whirlwind of damnation.”

I am about to call upon the Master Yeshua, as I call him, a great mage and a Mighty Dead now living with the Gods, to empower my incantation of the Psalms that Michael has so kindly provided me with. Believe it or not — I don’t really give a shit — I was once practicing the Catholic technique called Centering Prayer (I really need to write an article on Centering Prayer as its esoteric uses are many and amazing) and meditating silently in my head on the name Yeshua … Yeshuah …And he came to me in a vision and said: Call on me in prayer and I will answer. He hasn’t failed me yet.

Nota Bene: I am not a Christian. But I’m not a devotee of Bes or Osiris or Set-Typhon and I am not afraid to perform the Stele of Jeu, better known as the Headless Rite or the Rite of the Bornless One. A God is a God and if the correct words and intentions and offerings are used the God will (often) answer. As a “hard polytheist”, if I absolutely must classify myself spiritually, I do not believe most Gods are jealous. I do not believe that Iao Sabaoth, better knows as Yahweh or simply the LORD, is a jealous God, despite His (or rather His editors’) protestations to the contrary. Many of my magickal friends consider themselves Christians or some variant of Christian and they work with other Gods and spirits and have no problems with Iao Sabaoth whatsoever. If you are afraid of the Bible, the Psalms, God or “God”, or anything Christian, then you are no magician, witch, or sorcerer in my opinion. Get over it. Now.

After I check that all the links are working and there are only a few typos in this article I plan to pray each of these Psalms against the abominable transphobe named above and hereafter. I shall light some frankincense in honor of Iao Sabaoth and the Mighty Dead the Master Yeshua. I shall pray to the Master Yeshua to condemn Pastor Stephen Anderson to suffer all the imprecations in these powerful works of magick. If you wish to emulate me in my magick against Anderson, in whatever adaptation you choose, below are links to the King James Version of the aforementioned Psalms  whirlwinds of damnation.

Psalm 5

Psalm 10

Psalm 17

Psalm 35

Psalm 58

Psalm 59

Psalm 69

Psalm 70

Psalm 79

Psalm 83

Psalm 109

Psalm 129

Psalm 137

Psalm 140

Rant II: Grammar Nazi: A Threat: More Stress

Colonel Klink

This morning on FaceBook a grammar Nazi criticized a friend’s post — It was a “comma splice”, he said. I pointed out that joining sentences which are very closely linked rhetorically with a mere comma instead of a semi-colon or a colon is a rapidly growing usage, and one endorsed by Strunk & White, at least for short sentences.

Then he got all in my face so to speak. Arrogant and patronizing. He made his mistake, though, when he presumed to call me “dear”.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it when friends call me dear or hun or sweetie, etc. I don’t love it so much when a know-nothing asshole calls me such. Grammar Nazis are know-nothings. —Ignoramuses who have no knowledge of linguistics or even of grammar itself, beyond a set of supposed “rules” that have little to do with real human speech. And this … vertebrate was a jerk, too.

So I told him this: Call me “dear” again and you’ll find your head up your ass, laughing insanely. With his FaceBook photograph which he kindly has made public I could probably even do it, or something to the same general effect. But I haven’t cursed anyone in maybe two years now and there’s a reason for that: stress. I don’t believe in Karma as that word is commonly bandied about in the West. In Hinduism, in Buddhism, the word has a real and sensible meaning, but it does not as used in, mostly, the US. Like the Easter Bunny, it’s far less than a fairy tale, it’s purely a human figment.

Curses, nevertheless, do take their toll on a person. It depends on the individual. Some people it doesn’t affect much. I have reason to believe that I’ve a knack at cursing, truth to tell, but equally true is the huge toll it takes on me mentally and emotionally. —And, apparently, even a silly threat of a curse in a FaceBook comment is more stressful than I can take right now.


I’m beginning to think I have a case of crossed conditions. If fact I’m pretty darned sure about it. So — when I finish this I’m taking a cold bath and asperging myself with natron (3 parts baking soda, 1 part salt — close enough). And then I’ll somehow force myself to perform the Stele of Jeu before tonight ends.

That should be a good start on eliminating both the crossed conditions and the intolerable stress I’ve felt all day.

Much love, Rachel

PS — since some or many of you may not know what “crossed conditions” are, I suppose I should explain. But in another post. Another day. G’night. —R.I.P.

Dionysian Atavism: But Spirits Can’t Hurt You!

A gem of a story, but a scary one, from Jack Faust. With a name like “But Spirits can’t Hurt You!” I had to read this one as soon as I saw it was posted. Read the comments too, Melitta Benu makes a very good point.

Spoiler alert. Yes, spirits can hurt you. Oh my yes they can. Keep yourself protected and listen to your spiritual allies.

Dionysian Atavism: But Spirits Can’t Hurt You!.

I received my first I’ll call it hate comment day before yesterday. “Haters gonna hate,” I know but it still bothered me. The coward entered a false email address and attempted to hide hir tracks with amateurish hacking. I don’t know hir name or gender but I do know to a very close proximity where sie sent the email from. The creature is probably young but nevertheless…

Mx. Hater, may the lamiai and empousai that follow in Hekate’s wake embrace you — completely and forever.

My First Hate Comment

Paint Their Roses Red Curse — elaphoi khrysokeroi

An interesting curse I found via a circuitous route on Tumblr — The Paint Their Roses Red Curse. I love roses so this one appeals to me especially. Though I admit if I were going to seriously curse someone’s a** I’d use the Curse of Set-Typhon, found in the Leyden Papyrus, as redacted in the Book of Abrasax. Anyways, read all about the Red Rose Curse:

elaphoi khrysokeroi.