Comments Were Turned Off

I posted a plea for comments and the awesome Robert Mitchell pointed out that comments were disabled on newer posts. I didn’t do this. It must have seemed like a “good idea” in the eyes of WordPress. Anyway, sorry about that, folks. Comments are now enabled on all the recent posts. I’ll go back and check older posts as I’m able.

Comment! Comment like the wind!

Rachel Izabella

I received my first I’ll call it hate comment day before yesterday. “Haters gonna hate,” I know but it still bothered me. The coward entered a false email address and attempted to hide hir tracks with amateurish hacking. I don’t know hir name or gender but I do know to a very close proximity where sie sent the email from. The creature is probably young but nevertheless…

Mx. Hater, may the lamiai and empousai that follow in Hekate’s wake embrace you — completely and forever.

My First Hate Comment