4chan Plans Genocide Against Transgender Women

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Read about it here: http://www.transadvocate.com/4chan-plans-genocide-against-transgender-women_n_14746.htm

Be sure to look at the Imgur image of the 4chan/pol/ activity too. It will turn your stomach and ruin your day. It’s too large an image for me to link to here but you can view it at the link above. It includes such far right wing shitbird sentiments as “ALL TRANNIES MUST DIE” and suchlike. Read the link, send an email to 4chan, and do some fucking magic to make our society better.

Sure it’s only 4chan, but this is symptomatic of larger societal problems. The attitudes expressed on the 4chan /pol/ group are not found only there but found everywhere. This is why so many trans women are murdered. As people empowered to bend fate and bend reality it is our duty to do something about this.

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus on his wonderful blog Aedicula Antinoi has provided us with a Spell Against Homophobia. It can be easily adapted into a Spell Against Transphobia. Here is it: https://aediculaantinoi.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/spell-against-homophobia/

Let’s replace the homophobes’ names with as many transphobe’s names as we can think of and do the spell. It’s simple. It only requires that you recite the spell three times while drawing a picture and writing some voces magicae below it. Anybody can adapt the spell and do it, no matter how inexperienced you are. Antinous will listen to our plea.

Let us fight back against transphobia by taking control of reality itself  ― with the help of a God no less.

Despite all, much love to you all. ―Rachel Izabella

The Trans Experience: Divorce


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Part of being trans is the difficulty of staying married to one’s spouse. Despite a sort of “honeymoon” during the early days of my transition in the long run it just wasn’t going to work out for us. Today the divorce papers were signed, sealed, and delivered. It will be a couple of weeks before it’s really legal and official but as far as I’m concerned I’m divorced as of today, October 20, 2014.

Transitioning is an inherently selfish act or rather process. But if you’re trans it’s an absolutely necessary process. If you have “Gender Identity Disorder” (in the words of the DSM V, the psychiatrist’s diagnostic handbook) and you don’t transition the prognosis is not good: basically, a lifetime of worsening depression and gender dysphoria. Misery in other words. One must do what it takes to save oneself from such a life but in doing so you must disregard the effects it will have on family and friends and loved ones. …no, disregard isn’t exactly the right word: how you’re affecting family, friends and loved ones is constantly on one’s mind and a constant source of paradoxical regret and pain. But as they say, you have to take care of Self first, because nobody else is going to.

I decided to transition when I was living apart from my wife for several months and I had no hope at the time that we would ever be together again. I had to move out of the town I was in, a small town in rural Appalachia where a transgender woman would never ever be accepted. I had two choices of where to move to. The first was Asheville, NC, a sort of trans haven of the South. But that would have meant, in effect, abandoning my wife and children forever with little or no hope of reconciliation. The other choice was to move to Carrboro, NC, perhaps the most progressive town in North Carolina and only a few miles from my wife and kids. So Carrboro it was.

Initially of course my wife was terribly shocked. But as the months went on we became friends again for the first time in years. We became such good friends that in time I moved back home with her and my kids. My kids accepted me as I was and quickly learned to call me Rachel. My wife and I became lovers again. She loved the androgynous me. But as my body began the slow process of feminization, well, the spark died. I was devastated, as was she. Eventually we decided on separation and divorce. I moved to yet another apartment in Carrboro. And as of today we are divorced. It was an amicable divorce, thank the Gods, and I can see my kids any time.

Of course not all couples where one spouse transitions during marriage drift apart and divorce. There are many couples where one spouse has transitioned and the two are living happily together. But even though I don’t know the statistics — because they don’t exist — I suspect that divorce is the norm in such cases. A sad fact, but very probably true.

Why am I writing this? you may wonder. I’m writing this precisely because I believe divorce is a large part of the trans experience, at least for those who transition late, that is past the age of about 19 or 20. And because I wanted to share some more of my own experiences of being trans.

I’ve been devastated for months because of the separation and impending divorce. I’ve suffered from major depression and panic attacks. That’s the biggest reason I’ve let this blog sit here neglected for so long. But today is different. Today I feel at peace, although emotionally exhausted. I’m ready to slowly, slowly begin to move on, to really start living my new life for the first time. Healing won’t come soon, but it will come. I truly hope I find someone else. I truly hope I can find the happiness I’ve been searching for since I was four years old.

As Ee-yore says, “Thanks for noticin'”. Peace to you all and much love. -Rachel

The Visibility We Need and Deserve

A beautiful and poignant post by a trans veteran. She’s right — our nation is still on its way to being born and will not be born till all of us, including the most disenfranchized, enjoy equality and the right to pursue happiness.

char - inside

By Charin Hudson Davenport

July 4, 2014

Today, tens of millions of people will celebrate the birth of our nation, the United States of America. But, the American Revolution didn’t end with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I would argue that no birth is complete until the baby is viable and cradled with the same big love.

What do I mean? Let me start with this.

As a veteran (USN 1974-1981), I am reminded of the awful price paid by our military personnel each and every time I hear the pop and crackle of nearby fireworks, and the dull concussive thuds of explosions off in the distance. Though I am able to enjoy the fireworks, it saddens me to know that thousands of veterans seek the shelter of their basements and remote areas to avoid them. There is a reason for this, and I wonder why we celebrate…

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49 Calls in 7 Days: Day One

Image: All Rights Jason Miller
Source: http://www.inominandum.com/blog/strategic-sorcery-course-and-global-helios-rite-may-2nd/


This a short little article but I figure a short little article is better than no article at all. It’s been since April for Gods’ sakes!

Anyways, I wrote an article here highly recommending Jason Miller’s ebook Advanced Planetary Magic some time ago.  In it I said this:

I feel more alive right now than I have in weeks.

Correct weeks to months and you’ll have an idea about how I feel right now.  I’ve begun what I call 49 Calls in 7 Days. I’m going to use all 49 of the Planetary Calls in Advanced Planetary Magic over the next 7 days, starting today. This is pretty intense work. After reciting the appropriate Planetary vowels – each Planet classically has a Greek vowel associated with it – and the appropriate call for the Planetary Day and Hour I feel rather super intense and abuzz for a while. Doing seven of these Calls in one day is as said pretty intensive work. I think I can say without divulging too much of Mr. Miller’s excellent work that so far today I’ve done a spell to fix me up when I feel out of sorts and out of touch with the world in general (which I do, or rather which I did, but not any more), a love spell to attract a certain someone in my life, and four other Planetary spells. Because make no mistake about it, the Calls are magic spells.

Magic feels like it’s running through my veins right now. I feel good after a long time of feeling bad. I started late yesterday but only got five Calls in so yesterday doesn’t count. Today is Day 1. And even though Luna may not seem like a particularly powerful Planet (although she is), when her power is combined with that of another planet – that’s the Advanced in Advanced Planetary Magic – the power flows. I expect changes to happen in my life, changes for the better.

But why am I doing something so apparently intense, some might even say crazy? It’s not primarily to effect magical changes in my life. I’m doing this to effect a magical change in myself. For months I’ve been in a magical and personal doldrums. The Black Dog has been hard on my heels (that’s a metaphor for depression for those who don’t know). And I’ve been seriously lacking in energy and confidence. But – what’s the best antidepressant in the world? Magic is. And Advanced Planetary Magic promises to be a quick and systematic way to get myself doing hard core magic again. And if I do hard core magic for a solid week? That’s a week mostly free of the logy, energyless feeling I’ve been struggling with for months. One week of mental freedom might well lead to another week, as we shall see.

So I’m starting 49 Calls in 7 days to escape and to defeat the blues, basically. A lot of the spells in Advanced Planetary Magic will help with this directly. That’s all to the good but what I want to do is simple – I want to get the magic flowing in me. Magic is, well, magical that way.

I won’t by the way be posting every day this coming week. But I will at least post a summary of how my scheme has worked after the week has passed. If I miss a few Calls, so what? I’ll do them next week. If I feel like shit warmed over I’ll raise my hands in prayer ancient style and mutter the Calls sullenly.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Super good article from Chirotus at Blacklight Metaphysics. Enjoy.

Blacklight Metaphysics

There’s a young man at work that I’ve been talking with quite a bit. He’s a rambunctious, obnoxious sort who’s more inclined to have fun than worry about the consequences, but he’s got a sharp mind and is a lot more self-aware than most people I know. (He’d make a great magician should he decide to focus on it someday. I’m casually prodding him in that direction. Because I can.)

One thing that he never expects is when I make a simple observation into his nature that explains why he is experiencing discomfort with a certain situation and suggests how he will likely deal with it. And I’ve explained the process to him, because it usually is really simple: what is he motivated by, what are his typical behavioral patterns, and what is he afraid of? How do those play together?

And so, since I’m doing that self examination thing…

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Regular Service Will Resume Shortly

(Sorry about my crappy webcam.)

I’m getting better. As Émile Coué and that crazy guy in one of the Pink Panther movies said: Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. I really am. I can hardly believe it.

I have a rather long entry about half written. I hope to get that finished within the next day or two and publish it here.

Unfortunately I also just received in the mail Peter Levenda’s The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic. That’ll keep me reading for a while. Maybe I’ll review it. Some of my Book o’ Faces friends think it’s great. And I’ve even read some Kenneth Grant, believe it or not. (I’ve read all of Lovecraft that I can find, stories, poems, letters, et al.)

I’ll strive not to get completely lost in the book. I’ll be seeing you soon.

The real Aphrodite


A much needed reminder of the true and multivalent nature of the mighty Goddess Aphrodite.

White Cat Grove

Confession: I follow reconstructionist lists and sites not because I consider myself a recon, but because I enjoy learning things. They often have links to articles on various archaeological topics, among other things. Sometimes the discussions are interesting. Other times, it’s akin to running a cheesegrater made of self-righteous judgment against my synapses.

Recons, as I have mused before, are sometimes — and too often — fundamentalists that cannot accept cultural change. The “lore” — traditional stories preserved in archaic languages — is seen as the arbiter of all truth. There is a patina of purity, of a desire to get back to an essential unchangingness in which the Gods were always known by this set of names, with this set of attributes, and honored with this set of particular practices.

If you’ve followed my blog with any regularity, you’ll know that I consider myself an enemy of purity

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Search Term Shoot Back: 2013

Some of the funniest, the dumbest, and the creepiest search terms which led people to my blog in 2013. Yeah, I know I’m on hiatus and that it’s January 2, 2014, but these just scream out to be posted here and commented on.

“how old is rachel izabella transexual” — This one gets the blue ribbon for creepy. None of your damned business, creep!

“the twelfth planet from the god shekhena is to destroy the wicked and her coming” — #batshitcrazy winner

“girl penius” — There are a lot of variations on this search term, but … penius? Really? Is that the best you can do? I’m glad you’re looking for porn because the gene pool does not need you.

“what i need to prays bafomat” — You need the same stuff as when you praise a laundromat. Duh!

“underwear magic spell” — Ask the Mormons about this. I think they know all about it.

“i am lucifer out baphomet. but i don’t have my powers” — Baphomet sure is popular these days. But, Sir or Ma’am, are you taking your medications? Regardless, I’m certain the Voodoo Gnostic Workbook will put you right lickety split!

“so i think i’m just an an astral being stuck on the physical plane…” — I’m not going to make fun of this one. It just sounds so sad.

“its true that rick ross is a baphomet” — Baphomet, Baphomet, Baphomet… I had to look up who Rick Ross is and then listen to him on YouTube. His music sucks. Baphomet could do it better. Ergo, Rick Ross is no Baphomet. And WTF is “a baphomet” supposed to mean anyway?

“satan’s vampire” — Aww. You’re so sweet. *blushing*

I have to stop, the nonsensical weirdness is just too much. Thanks are due to Polyphanes, whose phrase “Search Term Shoot Back” I totally stole. This has been an exercise in opprobrium. If I made anybody laugh, I’m glad. If I made anybody angry, too bad.

Happy New Year! And much love to you all, or at least the vast majority of you.