Rant: Call To Action. Shake The World!

In which Kalagni calls on magicians, witches, and sorcerers to take action against the world’s injustices. He mentions me and my call on this blog for us all to curse a transphobic preacher who is/was working death magick against Caitlyn Jenner. FYI my curse didn’t go so well. I didn’t put proper protections in place and the magical blow-back caused me some serious depression for about a week (which I detailed here). Live and learn. I plan on trying again when I receive Jean Kent’s Master Book of Psalms in the mail. Let us never stop trying to change the world for the better with magic, even if sometimes we admittedly fail. Kalagni’s article is inspiring and definitely worth a read and a reread. He’s a restrained kind of guy, so don’t put much stock in his self-depreciation. 🙂

PS — I think realism in magick, or reality checks as I call them, are important, incredibly important. Even more important is being honest about one’s magickal mistakes. I made a mistake in not putting up enough protections when cursing Steven Anderson and I paid the price, a heavy one. Magick isn’t safe. Mistakes and miscalculations happen. They happen to me. As I said, live and learn. Next time I’ll be protecting myself with the Adjuration of Metatron before I curse the son of a bitch and using a more effective version of the Psalms. Much love — Rachel Izabella

Blue Flame Magick

(Note: I admit, this is a rambly rant, alas without Gordon’s aid of whisky, and unreasonable in some ways, but it’s also true and needs thought.)

Our world is an awesome place, and this is an amazing time to be alive. Our life expectancy is higher than ever, our health and quality of living is on average the best humanity has ever seen. We’re breaking down atoms to find even more building blocks of reality, we’re finding Earth-like planets 1,400 light years away. We’re surrounded by the sum total of human knowledge invisibly streaming past us from computers to satellites to tiny devices in our hands to answer all our questions. This is amazing.

VNV Nation – Nemesis makes a good soundtrack for my thoughts right now.

Four years ago the Conservative Party of Canada rigged an election by misleading registered non-Conservative voters on where to vote, and we’ve…

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5 thoughts on “Rant: Call To Action. Shake The World!

  1. Kalagni says:

    Can I just say that I love the fact you end with saying you’ll “curse the son of a bitch” and then follow it with “Much love.” Hehe.

    Sorry to hear about the blowback. That’s not too surprising. A man like him, probably has defences, he might not think of them like that, but he probably does a lot of prayers to protect him for the trans/gay/female/anythingnothim crowds.

    It actually makes me think about a conversation Cat and I had once. Sometimes magickally attacking someone through their system is great, cause it has structures and rules to work around. Sometimes it’s better to work from a different angle all together because their defences are set up one way, and you come in another. (Parallel to Jason’s ideas about the levels, and if someone does a lot of Level 3 magick, use Level 2 or 1 because that’s where they’re weak)

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      The blowback is something I foresaw and it’s why I wistfully wanted this to be a group project. But, of course, as far as I know, nobody joined in with me. When I try again, which will be soon, I’ll be using Jean Kent’s Master Book of Psalms. I’ll also be doing the Adjuration of Metatron and praying the Orison of Saint Cyprian from the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III at my active Cyprian altar. I know I’m still attacking him on Level 3 but I’m going in better prepared. I’ll also be doing some Level 2 magick, namely simple sigils, to bolster my Level 3 work. As for “cursing the son of a bitch” and “Much love” — I see no contradiction. The witch / magician / sorcerer is in a position to “take out the garbage” but this need not be done with an attitude of hatred. I should tone down my “son of a bitch” type language though, considering it’s my intent to take out the garbage with “love, compassionless love”, to borrow a phrase from the Fraternitas Saturni. Thanks for your comment. Much (compassionate) love — Rachel

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Quick comment. I think your openness about what you’ve done, what mistakes you’ve made, what you’ve leant from this etc is admirable. But personally I would only post this kind of information well and truly ‘after the event’. In the post you go on to mention what you intend to do for protection *next time*. If you are lying through your teeth as a misdirection, fine 😉 Otherwise this might be a bit like posting the name and model of your new burglar alarm as a way of detering theives from robbing you i.e. there’s a slight danger that someone who knows what they are doing now got told all they need to undo your protections. Just something to think about.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Hi Ganfer — You have a good point that has made me go “Hmm…” I must say in my own defense however that — as one example — the Adjuration of Metatron isn’t something that can be undone. I honestly doubt that Evangelical Christian readers are a very large percentage of the viewers of my blog, judging by the search terms that lead people here at any rate. But I could be wrong. Security through obscurity is always a bad idea. Thank you for making me think about this. But — the post is posted, what’s done is done, and I cannot and will not undo it.

      Much love — Rachel

      • Hi Rachel,

        Sorry to take so long in replying (I get there in the end). My comments were really just meant as food for thought. In my own practices we have the idea of (can’t do accents on this keyboard) Ljos Galder & Myrk Galder. For (extreme) simplicity let’s just say “galder” means “magic” (that’s an over-simplification but it’s not the point). “Ljos” basically means “light” in the sense of “in the light” i.e. “open”, “revealed”, “seen”, “visible” etc. “Myrk” is akin to the English “murky” and basically means “shadow”, “obscured”, “hidden”, “secret” etc. it’s important to realise that there are no “moral” type dimensions to this way of looking at things; a spell which essentially announced the intention of killing an enemy would be Ljos Galder (as would a spell that told a patient it would heal them), while a spell to heal a person that’s performed in secret, without their knowledge (etc) would be myrk galder, no matter if it is a cure or a curse. Psycho-spiritually there’s another aspect as well. You’ve looked into chaos magic so you’re familiar with the idea of encoding & then “forgetting” or “releasing” a spell/sigil/etc as well as, I’m sure, things like aphorisms etc etc. If for example I wrote out an aphorism in plain English and stuck it on the wall so that every time I saw it I read “I am well”, this would be a kind of Ljos galder and it is addressing one part of my mind. If on the other hand I encoded “I am well” in runes, carved them in a hard-to-read bindrune then hid this under my floorboards and basically forgot about it, that’d be an aspect of myrk galder and it would be working on a different part of the mind. They’r both viable & powerful methods, at the edges they can blur a good deal, but they do also work really rather differently.
        All for for thought again 😉

        All the best

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