Rant: Call To Action. Shake The World!

In which Kalagni calls on magicians, witches, and sorcerers to take action against the world’s injustices. He mentions me and my call on this blog for us all to curse a transphobic preacher who is/was working death magick against Caitlyn Jenner. FYI my curse didn’t go so well. I didn’t put proper protections in place and the magical blow-back caused me some serious depression for about a week (which I detailed here). Live and learn. I plan on trying again when I receive Jean Kent’s Master Book of Psalms in the mail. Let us never stop trying to change the world for the better with magic, even if sometimes we admittedly fail. Kalagni’s article is inspiring and definitely worth a read and a reread. He’s a restrained kind of guy, so don’t put much stock in his self-depreciation. 🙂

PS — I think realism in magick, or reality checks as I call them, are important, incredibly important. Even more important is being honest about one’s magickal mistakes. I made a mistake in not putting up enough protections when cursing Steven Anderson and I paid the price, a heavy one. Magick isn’t safe. Mistakes and miscalculations happen. They happen to me. As I said, live and learn. Next time I’ll be protecting myself with the Adjuration of Metatron before I curse the son of a bitch and using a more effective version of the Psalms. Much love — Rachel Izabella

Blue Flame Magick

(Note: I admit, this is a rambly rant, alas without Gordon’s aid of whisky, and unreasonable in some ways, but it’s also true and needs thought.)

Our world is an awesome place, and this is an amazing time to be alive. Our life expectancy is higher than ever, our health and quality of living is on average the best humanity has ever seen. We’re breaking down atoms to find even more building blocks of reality, we’re finding Earth-like planets 1,400 light years away. We’re surrounded by the sum total of human knowledge invisibly streaming past us from computers to satellites to tiny devices in our hands to answer all our questions. This is amazing.

VNV Nation – Nemesis makes a good soundtrack for my thoughts right now.

Four years ago the Conservative Party of Canada rigged an election by misleading registered non-Conservative voters on where to vote, and we’ve…

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Chaplet of Saint Cyprian of Antioch

Another reblog. Saint Cyprian is a wise adviser. Making contact with him is one of the best things a sorceress/sorcerer can do. The chaplet detailed in this reblog is sheer genius. I suggest we all give it a try.

The Digital Ambler

My recent prayer work has definitely gotten a boost lately.  It’s always refreshing to get back on the ball, so to speak, after several weeks of having things go wonky or with other life events interfering in my Work and study, and (even though I’m guilty of procrastinating as often as not on this) prayer is one of the things I really enjoy.  Sometimes I get a good spiritual buzz out of it, sometimes I engage with conversation and communion with the spirits, and sometimes I do it for the sake of contemplation or introspection.  Regardless, prayer forms a good foundation for my spiritual work.  Generally, my prayers don’t take that long to do, which may not be a great thing.  Admittedly, I should probably slow down with my prayers and perform them in a more contemplative, slow manner, but it’s easy to just fall into the habit of falling into the…

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