49 Calls in 7 Days: Day One

Image: All Rights Jason Miller
Source: http://www.inominandum.com/blog/strategic-sorcery-course-and-global-helios-rite-may-2nd/


This a short little article but I figure a short little article is better than no article at all. It’s been since April for Gods’ sakes!

Anyways, I wrote an article here highly recommending Jason Miller’s ebook Advanced Planetary Magic some time ago.  In it I said this:

I feel more alive right now than I have in weeks.

Correct weeks to months and you’ll have an idea about how I feel right now.  I’ve begun what I call 49 Calls in 7 Days. I’m going to use all 49 of the Planetary Calls in Advanced Planetary Magic over the next 7 days, starting today. This is pretty intense work. After reciting the appropriate Planetary vowels – each Planet classically has a Greek vowel associated with it – and the appropriate call for the Planetary Day and Hour I feel rather super intense and abuzz for a while. Doing seven of these Calls in one day is as said pretty intensive work. I think I can say without divulging too much of Mr. Miller’s excellent work that so far today I’ve done a spell to fix me up when I feel out of sorts and out of touch with the world in general (which I do, or rather which I did, but not any more), a love spell to attract a certain someone in my life, and four other Planetary spells. Because make no mistake about it, the Calls are magic spells.

Magic feels like it’s running through my veins right now. I feel good after a long time of feeling bad. I started late yesterday but only got five Calls in so yesterday doesn’t count. Today is Day 1. And even though Luna may not seem like a particularly powerful Planet (although she is), when her power is combined with that of another planet – that’s the Advanced in Advanced Planetary Magic – the power flows. I expect changes to happen in my life, changes for the better.

But why am I doing something so apparently intense, some might even say crazy? It’s not primarily to effect magical changes in my life. I’m doing this to effect a magical change in myself. For months I’ve been in a magical and personal doldrums. The Black Dog has been hard on my heels (that’s a metaphor for depression for those who don’t know). And I’ve been seriously lacking in energy and confidence. But – what’s the best antidepressant in the world? Magic is. And Advanced Planetary Magic promises to be a quick and systematic way to get myself doing hard core magic again. And if I do hard core magic for a solid week? That’s a week mostly free of the logy, energyless feeling I’ve been struggling with for months. One week of mental freedom might well lead to another week, as we shall see.

So I’m starting 49 Calls in 7 days to escape and to defeat the blues, basically. A lot of the spells in Advanced Planetary Magic will help with this directly. That’s all to the good but what I want to do is simple – I want to get the magic flowing in me. Magic is, well, magical that way.

I won’t by the way be posting every day this coming week. But I will at least post a summary of how my scheme has worked after the week has passed. If I miss a few Calls, so what? I’ll do them next week. If I feel like shit warmed over I’ll raise my hands in prayer ancient style and mutter the Calls sullenly.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.