Regular Service Will Resume Shortly

(Sorry about my crappy webcam.)

I’m getting better. As Émile Coué and that crazy guy in one of the Pink Panther movies said: Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. I really am. I can hardly believe it.

I have a rather long entry about half written. I hope to get that finished within the next day or two and publish it here.

Unfortunately I also just received in the mail Peter Levenda’s The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic. That’ll keep me reading for a while. Maybe I’ll review it. Some of my Book o’ Faces friends think it’s great. And I’ve even read some Kenneth Grant, believe it or not. (I’ve read all of Lovecraft that I can find, stories, poems, letters, et al.)

I’ll strive not to get completely lost in the book. I’ll be seeing you soon.