I am NOT a Satanist

Satan Happy

I’m tired of people asking me how to sell their soul to Satan. It’s always because of my Baphomet posts too, which is frustrating to me because it shows a complete lack of understanding of just who and what Baphomet is — in my opinion at least. So I’m posting a typical plea for Satanic help and my standard reply here (name deleted).

Email from Contact Me [edited]:

I wnt be th devils whoshipar. I wnt join u if u hv th more powerfull cum 2dae nd take mi soul

My standard reply:

NN, I fear I’m not a devil worshiper or Satanist nor do I view Baphomet as either a Satanic or Luciferian figure. Instead I believe Baphomet to be a highly exalted Power whose provenance is wisdom, equilibrium, and the Great Work.

If you are interested in worshiping Satan I might suggest the following websites to you:


Of these three the Demonolaters at demonolatry.org are the most involved in magic.

For a method of selling your soul — not to Satan but to a demon, namely Malphas — in exchange for earthly power you might look into the book The Dark Arts of Tarantula. [EDIT: that link is http://http//www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=Dark+Arts+of+Tarantula&categoryId=100501 — no idea why it doesn’t work.] No doubt the ritual there could be modified as you might desire. However it is in my opinion a very unwise thing to do.

Beyond that I cannot help you. I wish you wisdom and luck. Rachel

Maybe someone will find this helpful. Gods help me if they do. And may the Crucified Lord of Light help me also.

Love — Rachel Izabella

14 thoughts on “I am NOT a Satanist

  1. polyphanes says:


    I don’t get what it is about people who, buying into an entire cosmology and theistic notion of time, deliberately choose the losing side.

  2. Ocean Delano says:

    Geeze…I can’t even get myself to type like that person did! Rachel, please tell me you made that up to be satirical, and that they didn’t completely write that stupidly.

    As far as selling one’s soul goes? I think folks who do that are not on the intelligent side, but that’s my own opinion. Kind of how you have Otherkin “Elves” who want to transfer their soul into another body. Ridiculous, fantasy novel spirituality.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      In reply to your previous comment, the spelling appalls me. And the spelling is always that bad or nearly so.

      And it’s not a satire, Jesse. It’s all too real. —As for the possibility of selling one’s soul, I’m ambivalent. I do not at all believe the eternal portion of a human being, whatever one wishes to call it, could be sold. But I do not believe the soul is eternal. I think, I repeat I think, the soul is a construct existing at the upper Astral level of existence and thus subject to all the slings and arrows of the Formative World. I can’t go into detail but I know the soul can be fucked up, damaged, partially lost, etc. ad terrorem, especially during the bardo or, as I personally call it, the In Between. So … I don’t know.

      Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting. Much love — Rachel

  3. I feel your pain in general, but I think that one’s a TROLL.

  4. Raven Nightsong says:

    If they truly wanted to learned, they would get their Google on for a wee bit of knowledge and research before making such nonsense comments. 🙂

  5. satanicviews says:

    Never been asked by anyone how to sell their soul to Satan, I am bound to one day get lucky *sarcasm*.

  6. Akira says:

    Can anyone suggest a link to download The Dark Arts of Tarantula,please? I just cannot find it. Thanks!

  7. Akira says:

    Do you think is possible to download the PDF? I~m currently living in Brazil and its quite difficult to get a physical copy of the booklet. Or at least the pact you have mentioned, maybe. Im really interested. If you want, you can contact me through my email. Thank you very much, Rachel!

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      It’s a pretty obscure book and I doubt if it’s available on PDF because it was only published about a year ago and is, as said, obscure. Is there really no way you could purchase it? I won’t violate copyright laws via my blog or email. Sorry. Also, although I have no right to interfere with your will, Akira, I personally believe selling one’s soul is a very unwise thing to do. There are slower but surer ways of acquiring temporal power, IMHO. Nevertheless, good luck to you!

      Rachel Izabella

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