A Prayer to Baphomet

Colorful Baphomet

Agios o Baphomet,
Altitudo sophiae,
Potens in aequlibritate,
Aequilibra nos qui duobus manibus laboramus,
Ut quidem sapienter et prudenter laboremus:
Dirige nos qui viis multis ambulamus,
Etiam qui semitâ obstipâ ambulamus,
Ut potentiâ tuâ in pace mentis ambulemus,
Deo atque Deis annuentibus coeptis nostris.
Exaudi nos qui tibi humiliter precamur,
Agios o Baphomet,
O sancte Baphomet,
O Baphomet benedictissime.

O most holy Baphomet,
Height and depth of wisdom,
Potent in equilibrium,
Bring equilibrium to us who work with both hands,
That we might work wisely and with prudence:
Guide us who walk many ways,
Even us who walk a crooked path,
That by thy power we walk in peace of mind,
God and the Gods favoring our endeavors.
Mercifully hear us who to Thee humbly pray,
O most holy Baphomet,
O holy Baphomet,
O Baphomet most blessed.

Rachel Izabella
2 Octobri Anno Domini 2013


2 thoughts on “A Prayer to Baphomet

  1. Anna Greenflame says:

    Very interested in your Baphomet work. My husband is a devotee of Baphomet and, like you, does not perceive Baphomet in the common Satanic or Luciferian way, but more as you do.

    I’ll try to get a picture of what I term his “Baphomet museum,” LOL.

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