Speak To Me Not of Your Veil

Speak to me not of your veil today,
Your hackneyed veil,
For it has been rent in twain, today,
As that other veil was of old.
But that revealed is not some
Holy of Holies, strangely empty.

The dead are here.
My heart, my brain, my soul,
Moan with all the dead unrested,
Scream with all the dead enraged,
Gibber with the dead in the spaces In Between.
And though my heart beats quick,
I do not know if I am alive or if
I am dead.

No — my mouth tells lies against my will.
The mystery is…
The mystery is there is no veil
Nor ever was,
For in death they live beside us, and
In life we die amongst them.

Courage returns,
I am not so afraid or so cold.
Let us make offerings to the dead,
Coffee, cool water, and wine.
Let thanksgivings be made to the dead
That we might live and die in peace together,
Always side by side.

Rachel Izabella P.
All Hallow’s Eve, A.D. 2013

Songs About The Devil And Hell

As yesterday’s post was rancorous (I was pissed, what can I say?) and to throw some good meaty bones out there for you all to gnaw on, here’s some great songs about the Devil and Hell.

Just for the Hell of it.

PS — If you don’t like Dark Country you’re out of luck. But where else are you gonna find stuff like this?

Why Selling Your Soul Is A Bad Idea

Faust - The Devil
From Murnau’s Faust
Courtesy of Google Images

Why do I even need to write about this topic? Isn’t it obvious that selling your soul to some entity who would engage in such a sleazy deal is a bad idea? Me, I’d say, It’s as obvious as Hell!

Also isn’t it possible that a psychopomp — Hekate or Hermes Chthonios or Libitina, Uriel or Azrael, inter alios — would intervene and put a halt to such shenanigans? One can only pray about that. —Because that, I fear, is far from obvious to me. Be it on your own head might be the last words you hear before ages of horrid astral servitude. Maybe. I honestly doubt that a psychopomp would interfere with your choices and deals. So for the purposes of this blog entry I’m going to assume that it is indeed possible to sell your soul simply because maybe it’s possible.

So — people want to sell their souls and for some reason they ask me for help in doing so. Actually it’s mostly because of my posts on Baphomet, who strangely enough I believe is not Satanic whatsoever, nor interested in purchasing your soul, but rather an exalted Entity of wisdom, equilibrium, and the Great Work — why can’t some people actually read?! So I’m writing this to tell you why selling your soul to any entity is unwise in the extreme. Let me say that more strongly — selling your soul is a fucking stupid thing to do. And I’ll tell you why based solely on my personal experiences and on hopefully logical conjectures based thereon.


The soul is nothing but an astral construct, simply and bluntly put. It exists in the upper astral level of the multiverse. As such it is subject to all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that rule in the astral. The upper astral is not the chaotic maze of psychic mirrors that the lower astral is, but it’s still a dangerous place. If you’ve ever created an astral construct yourself or even an artificial spirit, AKA a servitor, then you know that you can alter or destroy it on a whim. But wait — What’s an astral construct? you might be wondering. Or maybe even What is this New Age “astral” bullshit?

One can describe the more and more “subtle” or “hard to perceive” levels of reality in dozens or hundreds of different ways, but this is my way. The astral plane or level is not somewhere else. It’s right here, right now, all around you and in you, just as the physical plane is all around you and in you. The physical body is what everybody perceives. Next, just by being told you have one, you can easily learn to feel and use your energy body (also called the etheric or chi body, etc., etc.), which is the next “subtler” or “harder to perceive” part of you. Next you have an astral body. Most everything has an astral body, as far as I can tell, maybe even everything there is. —You don’t have to believe any of this stuff, by the way. It’s just one possible description out of many. But without much trouble at all you can experience these things directly for yourself. Even make up your own names for them. Give it a try, maybe even, before you tell me it’s all bullshit, if you’re so inclined. I dare you to try it, if you haven’t already, as most of you reading this probably already have done…

Anyways, an astral construct is something made purely of astral “stuff”. It’s not hard to make astral constructs yourself, with some practice. Visualization skills help too. (I suck at visualization, but even I can do this.)

And as I said above the soul is basically just an astral construct, albeit a very complex one, “soul” here meaning your personality, memories, et al. Your soul disintegrates some time after death — usually. But fortunately there is more to you than your soul — “bodies” that exist on the planes subtler and harder to perceive than the astral. I suspect the Mental or Intellectual bodies and the even subtler ones are eternal. But that’s just an opinion. The soul however is definitely not eternal, nor should it be. Why not? Restless ghosts, angry ghosts, vampiric spirits — these are examples of souls that have lived past their time. Souls that get trapped in the multitude of hellish realms on the astral plane are another example, as well as souls that simply wander or are stuck in the bardo, or, as I personally call it, the In Between. Would you like to become one of those? No, I didn’t think so.


So if, say, being trapped in the In Between is bad, then how much worse would it be to become a slave to an unpleasant, noxious entity such as Malphas? I do not believe the soul would remain in such slavery for all eternity — souls are much too fragile to last eternally. But to be such a wretched slave for perhaps hundreds or thousands of years? That may well be all too possible. To suffer unbearably for hundreds or thousands of years in exchange for temporal power in the here and now, in this lifetime only? That, dear friends, is what’s fucking stupid. There are other paths to power in this world. If it’s simply power you crave, become a politician. If it’s prestige, why not a surgeon? If you dig magic, learn magic. You do not need to sell your soul. No matter how bad your situation, trust me on this one, do something else besides selling your soul. It’s the sort of bargain a drug addict would make — selling their bodies for sex, for example, in order to get their next fix, and their high will be gone by morning. It’s not worth it. Fucking stupid…


Above I mentioned that I would base my assertions on personal experiences and on conjectures based on personal experience. So where’s the personal experience here? I guess it’s time to get personal here on my little blog (as if that were something new…).

First, I’ve experienced the energetic and astral levels of existence firsthand. Also I’ve made intelligent artificial spirits and I have destroyed them when their jobs were complete. And in trance or ritual I can see and converse with spirits of various kinds. I wish I could see spirits in so-called normal consciousness, but I’m just not that good. Yet.

Second, I have Crossed the Lethe, as Roy Bowers AKA Robert Cochrane called it, meaning I have remembered past lives. Not only did I remember past lives, I remembered my times in the In Between. The last time was not pleasant. I will not go into details about it, but it was in fact most extremely unpleasant.

Why is this any different from people who claim to remember having been Princesses of Atlantis? Maybe it’s not, but my experience of remembering backwards convinced me at least. For one thing, it was involuntary. I was minding my own business with no thought of past lives when suddenly I started remembering backwards. I fought against it. I could not stop it. When I began remembering being a tiny baby, approaching my birth, I strove to kick and scream my way out of the trance that had somehow fallen upon me. It didn’t work. Instead I slumped over and lost all consciousness of my body. And the backward remembering went on.

So this I believe was something that was done to me, or perhaps given to me would be a better way of putting it. Why does that make the experience any more trustworthy? Because of how much the experience helped me understand myself as a person and understand my entire life. My remembering had great explanatory power and helped me get past certain issues that had always troubled me. I doubt a lying entity or a trickster would give me such a gift. So I accept it as true — or rather as very probably a genuine remembrance.

And, as I said, my last experience of the In Between was hellish. I imagine those trapped in the In Between could have far worse experiences than I did, almost infinitely worse, and mine were pretty bad.

So, please folks, don’t go there. Forget about selling your soul. Let nature take its course. Stand on your own two feet and take control of your own life. Don’t sell your soul.

And don’t ask me how to do it anymore, or beg for my help in doing it. I mean, that’s just pathetic, you guys.

I am NOT a Satanist

Satan Happy

I’m tired of people asking me how to sell their soul to Satan. It’s always because of my Baphomet posts too, which is frustrating to me because it shows a complete lack of understanding of just who and what Baphomet is — in my opinion at least. So I’m posting a typical plea for Satanic help and my standard reply here (name deleted).

Email from Contact Me [edited]:

I wnt be th devils whoshipar. I wnt join u if u hv th more powerfull cum 2dae nd take mi soul

My standard reply:

NN, I fear I’m not a devil worshiper or Satanist nor do I view Baphomet as either a Satanic or Luciferian figure. Instead I believe Baphomet to be a highly exalted Power whose provenance is wisdom, equilibrium, and the Great Work.

If you are interested in worshiping Satan I might suggest the following websites to you:


Of these three the Demonolaters at demonolatry.org are the most involved in magic.

For a method of selling your soul — not to Satan but to a demon, namely Malphas — in exchange for earthly power you might look into the book The Dark Arts of Tarantula. [EDIT: that link is http://http//www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=Dark+Arts+of+Tarantula&categoryId=100501 — no idea why it doesn’t work.] No doubt the ritual there could be modified as you might desire. However it is in my opinion a very unwise thing to do.

Beyond that I cannot help you. I wish you wisdom and luck. Rachel

Maybe someone will find this helpful. Gods help me if they do. And may the Crucified Lord of Light help me also.

Love — Rachel Izabella

A Prayer to Baphomet

Colorful Baphomet

Agios o Baphomet,
Altitudo sophiae,
Potens in aequlibritate,
Aequilibra nos qui duobus manibus laboramus,
Ut quidem sapienter et prudenter laboremus:
Dirige nos qui viis multis ambulamus,
Etiam qui semitâ obstipâ ambulamus,
Ut potentiâ tuâ in pace mentis ambulemus,
Deo atque Deis annuentibus coeptis nostris.
Exaudi nos qui tibi humiliter precamur,
Agios o Baphomet,
O sancte Baphomet,
O Baphomet benedictissime.

O most holy Baphomet,
Height and depth of wisdom,
Potent in equilibrium,
Bring equilibrium to us who work with both hands,
That we might work wisely and with prudence:
Guide us who walk many ways,
Even us who walk a crooked path,
That by thy power we walk in peace of mind,
God and the Gods favoring our endeavors.
Mercifully hear us who to Thee humbly pray,
O most holy Baphomet,
O holy Baphomet,
O Baphomet most blessed.

Rachel Izabella
2 Octobri Anno Domini 2013