Sorry About The Angst Yesterday [EDITED]


[EDIT: A wise friend read the words below and responded thus:

Listen: we all have a *right* to be emotional. It’s *okay* to get pissed, scared, etc. Especially when some of those things directly affect our lives. The last 30 years – if not 200 or 2000 – have seen women constantly being told that they have no right to ‘feel’. Men get the same messages, but in other ways. (We’re supposed to be “logical” and “rational”.) If you’re going to own your flesh, then you have to own your emotions, too. And that requires honesty, and occasionally upsetting others.

And he’s right. His words cast this post and the previous in a new light for me. There’s much food for thought for me in the above few sentences. I’m letting both posts stand though, with this addendum.]

My post yesterday was a real downer, full of anger and fear. I probably shouldn’t’ve posted it, but after doing so I began thinking about what I was really angry about and afraid of.

I made a list.

Then I made a list of things to do about the things on the first list.

It wound up helping me a lot, posting that shite, but still I’m sorry y’all had to see it. So I think a motivational quote is in order—

Never give up, never surrender! —from the movie Galaxy Quest

Love y’all.

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