A Confusion Spell — With Some Influence Thrown In


“First confusion, then influence, then domination.” —Rachel Izabella

I’ve never yet needed to escalate all the way to domination. Just the first two — confusion and influence combined — have sufficed for me thus far, when somebody was giving me shit. Here’s a spell I’ve used to great effect to achieve precisely those two. Somebody out there may be making your life Hell, and this spell just might fix that for you. Somebody may be in such need — but not want to cast a curse. Generally you don’t need to. Confusion and influence together make for a powerful combination. —Here it is. It’s really simple.

First you need a magical link to the person you want to confuse and influence. In Hoodoo such a magical link is called a personal concern. The more personal it is the better it is. Your target’s menstrual blood or other blood or their poop are perfect. And yes, it is often possible to get a little sample of a person’s poop — don’t be such a wimp! As far as blood goes, bathroom trashcans are the go to place. Underwear or a sock stolen from a laundry hamper are great. Hair taken from a hair brush or a single hair fallen onto a piece of furniture is great too, and so are fingernail clippings taken from, again, a trash can. A person’s signature is also a very powerful magical link — even a photocopy of their signature is good. The more personal the better. Get creative, get dirty … you get the idea.

Failing that you can use a photograph, but a photograph isn’t as good a magical link as the personal concerns mentioned above, in my experience. On the other hand people can and do use photographs in spells all the time, so maybe it’s just me. Facebook and your printer can be great friends in this case.

Last of all, if you can’t get hold of a better link, a name paper can sometimes work — but should be used only as a last resort, i.e., if you really, really — I mean really — can’t obtain anything truly personal. The simplest way to make a name paper is just to write the person’s full name and date of birth on a piece of paper.

—You’ll need an incense burner and charcoal. Self-igniting charcoal can be obtained online or probably more easily from most tobacco stores. Most such stores sell them these days for use in hookahs.

—You’ll need poppy seeds. Head to your spice rack or the grocery store and get some. Poppy flowers are often used to bring needed dreams, but poppy seeds cause confusion.

—The best time for this working or any even vaguely similar working is when your target is asleep. 3am is a good bet for most people.

OK, so now you’re all ready, and it’s 3am. Light the charcoal. Grab it gently with a pair of pliers and stand outside and light it with a lighter or light it and hold it out a window. The fumes from self-igniting charcoals are noxious, dangerous — don’t breathe that stuff! Some charcoals will even catch on fire when lit. Just blow out the flames and let the chemicals do their work and burn themselves away. When the whole charcoal is ignited and the fumes are gone, put it in your incense burner.

Put some poppy seeds on the charcoal. Enough to make quite a bit of smoke but not so much as to dampen the charcoal down. You want the charcoal to last as long as possible. Don’t expect burning poppy seeds to smell good. They don’t stink too bad but they really don’t very good either. —Then just hold your magical link in the smoke. That’s the confusion part of the spell … but we want more…

Talk to the magical link or chant or sing to the magical link or rap to the magical link, whatever floats your boat, as if you were addressing your target her/himself. Tell them what you want them to think. Or tell them how you want them to feel. Keep it fairly simple. The more rhythmical and hypnotic you can say or chant or whatever your improvised incantation now the better. But do keep it simple.

<Name>, <Name>, I am right and you are wrong!

<Name>, You are weak and I am strong and I’m the master now!

Something simple like that. And — make it your own! Be creative! Most of all focus! You need to put all the will, desire, and belief you’ve got into this for it to work. Emotion is good too. If you’re angry at the person, for example, inflame your rage — but still use all your might to stay focused — and put all that rage into your little, simple, quiet and hypnotic incantation or jingle.

Add more poppy seeds as necessary. Keep the magical link in the smoke. Keep all this up if possible until your charcoal burns out. Keep it up, quietly droning on and on, as long as you can force yourself to.

—That’s all there is to it. I wrote it out in detail so that beginners could understand it and follow the directions.

—If you’ve succeeded, the next day what you think or how you feel should be deeply implanted in your target’s mind. The poppy seeds — the confusion — are just to make your target more susceptible to your will.

Is this evil? If somebody is hurting you or abusing you or planning to do so — then No! It’s self-defense. Of course this is an all-purpose spell, and it could be used for immoral purposes. I emphatically do not believe in karma — at least not as that word is commonly used in the English-speaking magical world. But if you use this spell and you’re the bully then remember — someday you’ll attempt to influence a practitioner much stronger than you, and they will fuck you up.

But in our ordinary work-a-day world there may be bitches and sons of bitches out there looking to hurt you. Maybe you’re facing a bully at school. Maybe somebody just hates you and is making you miserable. Oftentimes it’s a harsh world. If you won’t stand up for yourself and do something about your own bad situation then who will? Odds are — nobody. Sometimes you’ve just got to do what’s necessary.

Good luck and may your magic be strong!


6 thoughts on “A Confusion Spell — With Some Influence Thrown In

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you, Jose. If it ever becomes necessary to use this spell, I wish you success.

      Much love — Rachel Izabella

  1. kelly says:

    Rachel Izabella can u please contact me .. I would like to ask u a few questions thank you hope to here from you

  2. Tamika says:

    My husband left me as soon as his settlement came in and disrespected me so bad by a few weeks prior by spending more time with his son’s mother and talking very badly about me. Now I’m stuck struggling to pay bills by myself, having such a hard time while he helping her out and splurging. I really want to confuse him, is this confusion spell the best way?

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Hi Tamika — Sorry for the late reply to your comment. I haven’t been feeling well lately.

      Is this confusion spell of mine the best way? you ask. It would be disingenuous and vain for me to say it’s the best way but it is certainly one way, and a good one at that. Best of luck and much love — Rachel

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