Why Trans* People Need More Visibility


Source: Trans Student Equality Resources

This graphic, well, graphically demonstrates why transfolk need more visibility. The statistics are mind buggeringly horrible. Transwomen face odds of one in twelve of being murdered?! I take that personal! Transwomen of color fare worse — their odds are one in eight.

This is not acceptable. As I assume these stats are for the USA — other so-called developed countries do not in general suffer such violence — we should be ashamed for our country’s sake. And for the sake of all the murdered, raped, etc. ad nauseam trans* people out there. (Not just transwomen get raped etc., by the way, transmen do too.) —The answer is visibility. In the news and entertainment media, and just face to face as well.

But if you are trans — first be safe.

May the Gods have mercy on us all … tho’ sometimes I think They must have thrown up their hands at our country, to leave us to destroy ourselves by our own hideous devices and desires.

Enough with the pessimism, though. Much love. —Rachel Izabella


4 thoughts on “Why Trans* People Need More Visibility

  1. I certainly share your dismay and horror over this…

    Unfortunately, when the list of all the trans people who have been killed over the year makes its rounds in November of each year, there are an alarming number from various places in Central America as well; while it’s still not a good thing, the U.S. is unfortunately not alone in having transphobic lethal violence be a major problem.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      I’m honored to have you commenting here, Publius (or do you prefer Mr. Lupus? — Roman names confuse me to this day!). You are of course right. If I said the USA was the only country where such violence is perpetrated against trans people then I misspoke badly, and very carelessly too. And it is such a sad, unfortunate, vile affair. I no longer watch, read, or listen to local, national, or world news. I simply do not need the additional stress. I won’t stop attempting to keep up with trans-related news, but it too is usually depressing and stressful. No matter though — Thank you so much for your comment!

      Much love. —Rachel Izabella

      • “Lupus” would be the usual Roman way; if a title is added to it, then “Doctor” would be the best one. I’m not a “Mr.” since I’m neither male nor a man, but instead am metagender (a non-binary gender, which I’ve been my entire life into my earliest memories, but have not always had the ability to express). In any case…

        Likewise, I have a great aversion to the news, and to finding out just how bad it is for many varieties of queer people in the world. Many queers folks in the U.S. complain about not having access to marriage and such, whereas trans folks can be fired in more than half of the states just for being trans; and, in other parts of the world, being queer means potential imprisonment or worse. I always take a look at the list for the year on Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20, but I truly wish there were other internationally recognized days having to do with trans people that aren’t focused on “how many did we lose this year?” Of course, worshipping various trans and gender-variant deities has helped to do a bit of that, but still, I’m one of a small handful of individuals who does that, so…

        • Rachel Izabella says:

          Many, many apologies, Lupus, for the “Mr.” I of course should have known better than to assign anybody I don’t know a gender. Again, sorry.

          As for everything else you say, I totally agree. I’ve also checked out your blog, just a little because there’s so much there but still in greater depth than I have done before. Wow! Just … wow! Now I have another blog for my reading pleasure and ongoing education too.

          Much love. —Rachel

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