Updates, Sorcerous Schemes, and Magic

I recently swore I wouldn’t let this blog die but for two days all I did was free geomantic readings. It wasn’t the magic of divination that drained my energies — magic tends to hype me up and make me feel good and happy — it was writing up my findings, which I did at considerable length for each reading.

An aside… If you’re in doubt about getting a free geomantic divination, by the way, bear in mind that you’ll get a detailed analysis of the reading as well as advice on how to counter any problems that I may see in your charts. That’s a good deal considering you get it all gratis. Also, I’ve gotten only positive feedback from people so far. —Even I didn’t expect to be so accurate. End of aside.

And then day before yesterday I got another godsdamn migraine. I was able to stop it in its tracks and make the pain go away but I was not able to ameliorate the myriad other migraine symptoms I get. Yesterday I spent in a post-migraine fog.

So no real articles have been forthcoming. That’s going to change barring further migraines. I’m really thinking of taking a page from Kemitic (Egyptian polytheistic reconstructionism) magic and execrating my migraines. I need to read up on how to do that. If I achieve results I’ll post about them.

I am however working on rereading Lux Haeresis by Daniel Schulke, Magister of the Cultus Sabbati. I adore this book, and when I finish rereading it — Sabbatic writings are notoriously obscure — I plan to review it. It’s a major work by a bona fide Adept and almost no one knows about it. That needs to be rectified, as much I can by means of my little blog at least. —Basically it’s a grimoire on the Sight: achieving it, what it is, and all that it can do. You can do a lot more with the Sight than you ever imagined. And, in case you’re interested, it didn’t go out of print all that long ago and interest in it is stupidly low (probably because it’s difficult to understand) and I imagine you can still get a copy for comparatively cheap at alibris.com or on eBay. I’ve only practiced the first technique that Schulke teaches, but it’s mind-blowing. And it works.

Review-wise next up will either be the Psalterium Caini by members of the Cultus Sabbati or Serpent Songs, an anthology of essays on Traditional Craft and Scarlet Imprint’s latest offering.

You might notice a theme here: witchcraft. I did a divination the other day — Am I a witch? The verdict: I’m not there yet but that’s the direction I’m headed in. So soon enough my About Me page will need some serious updating. And I’ll need to do a lot of thinking and praying about what it means — for me — to be a witch. Knowing me I’ll write all about it here.

And, last, a field report on a bit of magic I did just last night. —I’m participating in the Facebook group 49 Calls in 49 Days. Actually it’s called The Crying of Calls 49 but — no offense I hope to Jason Miller that’s just too atrocious a pun on the title of a Thomas Pynchon novel for me to even call it that. Each day we perform one of the planetary Calls from Jason’s Advanced Planetary Magic, which you can get here if interested. Anyway yesterday’s planetary Call was a curse. By changing the word rivals to opposers the curse is turned toward one’s Material, Subtle, and Secret opposers. Material opposers are of course people. Subtle opposers are spirits that, while their presence in your life may not be as bad as a curse, nevertheless are detrimental to your life and the enjoyment and fruition of it. Secret opposers are those tendencies inside oneself that you might call self-sabotage, or self-hatred, etc. —Anyway as soon as I finished the Call, the curse, I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off me. That’s a rather wimpy-sounding, very subtle result, but the results of the result have been really good. Namely, the last of the migraine faded away instantly and I’ve been able to get a lot done today.

OK. This whole entry was like a meta-entry. An entry about entries, ones that don’t exist yet. That is admittedly limp but at least I’m writing here again. I felt blocked about blogging for a while and the blockage is gone now. See ya soon.

Much love. —Rachel Izabella


2 thoughts on “Updates, Sorcerous Schemes, and Magic

  1. I’ve been checking in a reading your post for the past two weeks. You are the busiest little Bumble Bee. For the migraine may I suggest Green Tea and Celestial Chamomile Tea to relax. I do not usually leave comment, but I had to say something to you today. I hope you feel better.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you for the good wishes and suggestions! I’ve never been called a “little Bumble Bee” before. But somehow I don’t mind.

      Much love to you. –Rachel

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