New Favorite Transwoman Blog

Zinnia Jones

I have a new favorite blog written by a transwoman — Zinnia Jones: Queen of Atheism at Yeah, I know she calls herself the Queen of Atheism, and I’m about as far from an atheist as you can get, a polytheist, but on this blog she doesn’t post about atheism or her atheist activism, she posts about being trans. She cute, she’s incredibly articulate, she’s forthright and honest. Very, very honest. She started HRT at about the same time I did.

She doesn’t hold anything back, so her blog is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work). The prurient among us — and who isn’t? — will especially want to check out her animated gifs — Definitely not safe for work. If you are secretly curious about the sex life of a transwoman you can find out all about it here. More importantly you can get a glimpse into what it’s like to actually experience that same metamorphosis I’m going through myself.

Despite the playful, “naughty” nature of her blog, she writes well and intelligently about what it’s really like for her to be a transwoman in transition. And she does not tolerate fools. She has a link to a much more serious blog she writes but unless you’re interested in atheism I doubt you’ll want to visit.

Highly recommended.

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