About My Hiatus: And Free Readings Soon, Probably


I haven’t posted here in several days and I haven’t written a longer blog entry for much longer. Sorry about that, folks, but Real Life™ has been overwhelming lately. I am however determined to keep this blog alive. And there are signs I’m adapting to the stress. Instead of just retreating into the fantasy worlds of anime I’ve begun reading books again. Tentatively, cursorily, but still reading. And yesterday I did five geomantic divinations for a friend to help her figure out what’s going on in her spiritual life.

So expect a book review or two soon, reports on the results of various experimenta, etc. And of course the occasional rant.

And here’s one more thing to expect. I’m pretty good at geomancy, but I don’t feel I have the practice or self-confidence quite yet to charge money for my services. So I’m considering offering free geomancy divinations to readers of this blog. I’ve been assured that doing free readings is the step I need to take to gain the practice and self-confidence to divine for cash money. Which provides, by the way, for some, a much better secondary income than freelance writing ever could, at least for me.

Let me know if you’re interested in a free reading. Anyone who does express an interest, I’ll put your name at the top of the queue for a (very probable) free reading in the near future.

Much love, Rachel Izabella

8 thoughts on “About My Hiatus: And Free Readings Soon, Probably

  1. Duffi says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I’d really like a free reading. I’ve never had a geomantic reading.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Hi Duffi! You’re second on the list! I’m so going to do this. Expect a Free Geomancy Divination “Contact Me” page to be added today or tomorrow. I’ll also post that I’ve definitely decided to do this.

      About geomancy the thing you need to know before considering your question is that geomancy answers binary questions, not open-ended questions like Tarot. Meaning it answers questions that ask Yes or No, Should I or Shoudn’t I, Will he or Will he not, Will it rain tomorrow or Will it not, etc., etc. You will get quite a bit more information than just that, but the question must be phrased in some such form.

      Thanks so much for your interest! Much love. —Rachel Izabella

  2. Rose says:

    Hey Rachel, I’m glad to hear things are sorting themselves out. Add me to your list for a free reading. I never had a reading via Geomancy and do have a question I’d like answered. I’d enjoy your assistance. Thanks so much!

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Hi Rose. You’re on my list now. I’ll be in touch soon with you and all the early volunteers about contacting me with your questions and what sorts of questions geomancy can best answer. Good to hear from you! Much love, Rachel

  3. Sonny says:

    Hi Rachel, I would also like to be considered for the free reading. I’ve never had a Geomancy reading before, just Tarot.
    Thank you!

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      OK Sonny! You’re on my list. I’m going to do my utmost to begin today. You’re sixth in the queue, FYI. I’ll be getting back to you “early adopters” with info on what kinds of questions geomancy can answer. Basically, binary questions that can be answered Yes/No, Can I/Can I not, Should I/Should I not, etc. — so you can start thinking about your question now. Geomancy provides more information than that, often a lot more, but that’s how the question must be phrased.

      I’ll send you an email soon. I’ll have the same additional details on the “FREE Geomany Divination” page I’m working on and in the blog post announcement I hope to write today. Thanks for your interest!

      Much love. –Rachel Izabella

  4. Pear says:

    If yr still taking volunteers, Geomancy experiments for me! Alie.

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