The Megrim Strikes Again: Witch-Fail


Yesterday I felt ill but didn’t recognize the predromal symptoms. This morning I woke with a full-blown migraine in the pain phase. None of my own magical mitigations can help much once a migraine reaches that stage. An example of a witch-fail, I suppose. There must be out there, somewhere, a way to cure these magically. Do any of you know of such a thing?


2 thoughts on “The Megrim Strikes Again: Witch-Fail

  1. Elnigma says:

    No, those people who think everybody could just wish away every time they’re sick are witch-fails.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thanks, Elnigma! And thanks for visiting and commenting. I just recalled there’s a spell or two in the Greek Magical Papyri I haven’t tried. I may just sit this one out though and research later.

      Much love. —Rachel Izabella

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