Migraine Mitigated: Big Toe Acupressure Point

Big Toe

I had to get online despite how bright the computer screen was in order to bail on the article I agreed to write, deadline today. And having to do that really sucked, by the way. While online my friend The Unlikely Mage pointed me at a professional-level acupuncture site on the Web. I know nothing about Chinese traditional medicine so I won’t try to explain much — something about too much yang in the head, I think.

I did however find a new acupressure point to try. And it worked! About ninety percent of the pain is gone. All the other symptoms of a so-called complex migraine are still present — a knot in my left shoulder, fuzzy vision, light sensitivity (I have the screen brightness turned all the way down), etc., ad nauseam — but the pain, the worst part, is much better.

Simply massage first one big toe for about a minute and then the other. I’ve waited in between times but have done it about three times so far. It really works, at least for certain types of migraine. Or maybe I should say for my migraine, this time.

Hoping it works for you!


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