Revolution: Some Reveries

Utena and Himemiya

I just finished watching the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena. I’ve never — until now — been a fan of anime but I must say that I’ve never been so moved by a TV show or even a movie as I was by this anime. —Last night I couldn’t sleep and thought a lot. I don’t know if the following will actually make sense or amount to anything, but here I go, sharing some of my thoughts on revolution, on making our fucked up world right, and on hypocritical “revolution”.


Last night on Facebook I posted this: A revolution where your very soul is not at stake is just a farce. I can post about Peter Grey’s Apocalyptic Withcraft, and I can post Blackbird Raum’s song Witches, but what have they — or I — accomplished? Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

I also posted this: Pretty and rebellious words are not enough. What will you hazard in order to change the world? What will I?

It may sound like it but I was not drunk, I promise. My mind works in funny ways in that quiet time of night when all the psychic noise of the world is hushed. —And I posted this:

But still, what actions could a person possibly perform to change the world itself? I can think of no lever long enough to move the world, to shake up and shift the deeply set inertia of the way things are and the way they seem to be headed. So—just more pretty words here, folks, move along…

Kinda pessimistic, no?


But I think there is a way to change the world — PRISM, attack drones, the SAURON satellite, etc., etc., ad nauseam. It’s for everyone to first revolutionize themselves. You can’t expect to be able to change the world without changing yourself. —Everyone might do this differently. For Hermetic and Qabalistic maguses it might mean crossing the Abyss. For a pagan it might mean devotion to the Gods. My point is that you have to set yourself to rights before you can expect to set the world to rights. That’s going to mean something different for everyone.

But everyone in this increasingly screwed up world is not going to embark on a path of fixing themselves and supplying their deficiencies. That just isn’t going to happen. That’s the only way to revolutionize the world. Period. Full Stop. —Does that mean I’m just spewing more pretty vanity, more pretty words that amount to nothing?

Almost, but not quite, I think…


Even if the whole world doesn’t join in we can do the self-work necessary to prepare us to revolutionize our own little corner of the world. And we don’t need to become perfect — perfection is an impossible goal. But turning our lives around and beginning work on fixing our own little corner of the world is something we can all start now.

What does that mean in practice? What concrete steps to fix our little corners of the world am I talking about?

A friend told me recently that she would be nothing without her Gods. I felt a little bad, like my piety was insufficient. And it probably is. But the reason I felt a little bad is that I wouldn’t be nothing without my Patroness and other Gods and Spirits. It’s without magic that I would be nothing. Magic defines who I am just as her religion, her piety and pious practices, define my friend. So I can only talk about this from a magical point of view. Sorry, it’s the best and all that I can do. Just this one tiny example that follows will have to suffice for now. It won’t fix PRISM or get rid of SAURON or feed the starving, but it will help your tiny corner of the world, maybe immensely, if you persist in the practice. For those of you who don’t find the practice suitable — it’s magical because I’m a sorceress, or maybe a witch, or whatever the fuck I am — can with perseverance also begin to find your own small methods. Methods that add up to big results.


I also last night posted the following on Twitter, in a series of posts. I’ll condense them all into one.

America was founded on the blood and bones of the black man & the American Indian. And every step you take, you tread on that blood and those bones. So there is guilt, and shame abides. And the Land itself is the blood and bones of those sacrificed and it cries out for an expiation. But no expiation is forthcoming. Would anything suffice to atone?

What I was forgetting is that the answer to that last question is actually Yes. The practice of making general offerings to the local spirits (amongst others) outlined in The Sorcerer’s Secrets by Jason Miller is one way to start appeasing the Spirits of the Land. This practice has helped me so many times, because spirits have come to me and helped me solve various problems I’ve faced. For them to do that, I must have made at least some of them my friends and allies by this practice. You can also leave small change at crossroads. You can light a stick of incense and offer it to the Four Winds or to the Eight Directions. You can pour a glass of pure fresh water at the roots of a pine tree or other favorite tree. If you have the ability, you can begin to commune with the Spirits of the Land directly by these means. You can turn the land beneath your wandering feet into an ally, instead of its being a surly enemy, or neutral at best. You can make friends with the local Spirits. You can even appease a pissed-off genius loci sometimes, although I admit some are utterly inimical to humanity.

By this modest means, you can revolutionize your little corner of the world. There are many more ways, but I’ll leave discovering her own ways of fixing her world as an exercise for the reader.


That was only one example, but just one example shows that one can even this very moment begin revolutionizing their own part of the world. You can bring spiritual harmony to places where before there was only spiritual hostility. So the revolutionary words of Apocalyptic Witchcraft and of Witches by Blackbird Raum are more than just pretty words and ultimately just vanity, a disturbance of the air. They can actually be realized even now.

There is one catch however. My means of accomplishing this is going to be via magic. Remember how I said that magic defines me and makes me who I am? Beginning to revolutionize the world requires going more than just skin deep—

It requires that you hazard your very soul in this work. A revolution where your very soul is not at stake is just a farce.

Hoping you got something out of my late night reveries recalled here.

Much love. —Rachel Izabella


6 thoughts on “Revolution: Some Reveries

  1. Cassie says:

    I think there are some profound points in that post especially the line, “A revolution where your very soul is not at stake is just a farce.”

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you, Cassie. I was having some deep thoughts last night and I wasn’t even high on mandrake or anything. People that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk annoy me. It’s hard to point fingers, because I don’t know everybody on the Internet (yet), and it’s not ladylike to point anyway. 😉

      This post was the flower of my having an identity crisis. Sorceress may not cut it anymore. I may have to start calling myself a witch. If so, I’ll blog about it and you will be the first to know. (Not that it really matters a rat’s ass’s worth, but I sweat the small stuff like nomenclature all the time.)

      Much love. —Rachel

  2. Robert Mitchell says:

    You wake up at 2:15 AM from the nightmare and run into the bathroom, heart hammering like a fox in the rushes, so that you won’t wake the house if you moan. The world is dying, the injustices and horrors are dripping down on you like acid, and you’re dying too. It’s your bathroom, but you might as well be chained to a pipe. You slide back into bed, tossing and turning, until its time to get up and go to work. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed. So you go into the office and shovel coal into the Civilization Machine.

    I could discuss this with you for hours. The only thing you can do is have a revolution in your head and in your spirit because The Civilization Machine punishes with starvation and death all those who attempt escape.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      You’ve captured how I felt the night before this entry, Robert. As the Wicked Witch of the West said, “What a world! What a world!”

      I do however think — or maybe just hope — that we can revolutionize a bit more than ourselves alone, namely our immediate environment. But doing so I believe first requires self-mastery, and mastering the self is of course the hardest battle of all. Thank you for you lovely, if terrifying, comment.

      Much love. —Rachel

      • Robert Mitchell says:

        Thanks, I hope we can too. If you haven’t read it already (you seem to have read everything!), you should read “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. I’m no ‘quinnie’ but I do think the book provides a perspective you can’t get anywhere else. And his interpretation of Genesis is very thought provoking. Peace to you in the dark hours!

        • Rachel Izabella says:

          I haven’t read Ishmael so thanks, Robert! I’ll have to wait for payday tho’ to get it.

          Much love. —Rachel Izabella

          PS — What dark hours? 🙂

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