Sarah Anne Lawless’s Mandrake Ointment: Recommended


Sarah Anne Lawless, at her Black Arts Foundry web store, the Apothecary page to be precise, finally has witch’s ointments back in stock. I bought a container of her Mandrake Ointment and — like a gift from the Gods — it arrived yesterday.

Yesterday I had a migraine and … how to put this? … a very trying evening emotionally. Ms. Lawless’s Mandrake Ointment made both tolerable. I can testify that it works — it isn’t a rip-off with a token amount of mandrake, it’s the real thing. I might wish it were very slightly stronger, but only a little. As is, it is more than adequate, it’s positively wonderful.

I’d never experimented with anything from the witch’s shelf of pharmakeia before, so I thought I’d start with maybe the most benign of psychoactive plants (and plant daimons), namely mandragora. As it turns out, mandrake — Ms. Lawless’s ointment — exceeds all my expectations. —Mandrake is like a warm-hearted friend who makes you a cup of hot chocolate when you’re blue. Mandrake rubs your shoulders when they ache after a long day. Mandrake tells a joke and makes you smile when you’re crying. I like mandrake. I like mandrake a lot.

Ms. Lawless’s ointment is all that. I had my doubts but now they’re resolved. Her Mandrake Ointment works as advertised. It works even better than that, in fact.

Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “Sarah Anne Lawless’s Mandrake Ointment: Recommended

  1. Interesting. I recall having read about her ointments somewhere, but I never considered trying them. I usually make my own, but it might be worth trying just for comparison sake. Thanks

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thanks for the comment, Karcist! As I said in the article, I do wish the ointment were slightly stronger, but not by much. It has a tendency to sneak up on you. A much better product than I expected, frankly, and I’m very pleased with it. I would love to grow my own mandrake but alas! I’m about to move into a small apartment, just large enough for me, my books, my cat, and my table of practice (AKA “the old kitchen table”).

      Much love, Rachel

      • I can sympathize. I just moved all the way across the country to get a new start. You could get a small refrigerator with a clear door to grow it in. I do the same with the plants I grow for my research. Mandrake in particular tends to prefer cool places in its growth.

        • Rachel Izabella says:

          Thanks for the tip! The apartment is tiny, which pretty much suits me except for new projects like this. There’s a community garden. I may need to lower my sights and grow mugwort and clary sage there instead. Thanks for visiting!

          Much love. –Rachel Izabella

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