Kicked Ass, Took Names

Yesterday morning I was facing some insurmountable obstacles. Two spirits were infesting my house and property and spreading miasma everywhere — miasma being something like astral pollution or nastiness. I had crossed conditions. My Uncrossing Oil had gone rancid while the rest of my conjure oils were just fine. Prayers to my Goddess to just fix everything for me were, of course, of no avail. The Gods are good but they expect you to work, they challenge you to be better than you ever thought you could be.

I did have Road Opener Oil, and I needed some options, some pathways out of this mess. I rubbed some on the palms of my hands. Immediately I felt like a million bucks. It was, by the way, a free sampler that Quadrivium Supplies sent me. I highly recommend their oils based on my experiences of yesterday.

I’m pretty darned sure I got rid of one of the spirits, an angry ghost, permanently. The other, a hungry ghost — basically a discarnate psychic vampire, AKA a fucking vampire! —, I need to do a divination about. I got rid of it at least for the time being though.

I did the Adjuration of Metatron plus the Preliminary Protective Rite from the Book of Abrasax. Then I redid it but the second time I used it to remake my worn out, torn papyrus talisman that I made per instructions in that same wonderful, wonderful book. Then I took my new machete (pics coming) and stabbed and slashed the location where I felt the vampiric spirit to be. —I get my information about vampiric spirits from John Michael Greer’s book Monsters, and my info on this particular one from someone I know who is strongly clairvoyant and a true wizard when it comes to the Astral Plane. Monsters is a lot better book that it sounds like and John Michael Greer is a true Adept. —That got rid of it for the time being. Like I said I need to do a divination to see if it’s gone forever, and get my gifted friend to check out the situation too. And repeat the protection rite every day, or even move up a step and really do the Stele of Jeu for thirty days. And keep spiritually pure and free of miasma. Keeping spiritually pure is absolutely vital, it’s the crux, it’s a daily necessity for me I now know — I’m going to write a bloggie about the necessity for spiritual purity, so look out for that.

It was getting late by this time, and I was getting tired. I still needed to get rid of the angry ghost — spreading miasma everywhere like a monkey in the zoo flinging poo, causing my crossed conditions. I got out my ebony mala dedicated to Hekate and sat in front of Her altar. I said one hundred and eight mantras to Her, and established some contact. I strengthened the contact by meditating on Her icon on my altar. Slowly I felt the power points on my body become active which allow possession to occur, and prayed for Her to possess me… Hekate then took over. She took the angry ghost unto Herself, where I know he will be much happier, whether he remains with Her or whether She guides him in the In Between to the best possible destination. —Horsing my Goddess is positively wracking on me, by the way. But I’m not complaining!

A huge thunderstorm had arisen while I was possessed. But everything everywhere, it all felt so clean, so light, so very, very much better than before. I had never felt the constant and immense sense of oppression until it was gone.

I really hope the hungry ghost or vampiric spirit is gone for good. I really need to take a cleansing bath now, it’s 11am and I haven’t yet. If I had been practicing a regime of spiritually cleansing baths probably none of this mess would have happened in the first place.

I guess what I want to say is that if I can do stuff I never imagined I could do, so can you. I started out yesterday clueless, dismayed, and feeling helpless. But I kicked ass. I was awesome even if I do say so myself. —And you are stronger than you believe you are. You can do more than you believe you can. To use a cliché Just do it. Anything. Something. The craziest thing might just be the solution. And every little thing, any little thing that helps, too, well, it helps, no matter how mad it may seem. Do enough little things that help, and hey! problem solved.

And a little dab of Road Opener Oil always helps.

Much love. —Rachel Izabella

10 thoughts on “Kicked Ass, Took Names

  1. gordonpwhite says:

    Sounds like an interesting night. (In the Chinese curse sense of the word ‘interesting’.)

    Don’t do the baths anymore but I find a few hundred ‘hung vajra peh’ chanted throughout the house tends to blow away accreted miasma.

    Have I mentioned I love your blog, Rachel? 🙂

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Oh it was an all day affair I assure you.

      A few *hundred* repetitions? How do you pronounce that?

      Jack has sold me on the spiritual baths. They’re also necessary in the topic I was told not to talk about (not threatened, told so for my own integrity’s sake).

      “Love” my blog? I’m blushing because you’ve been one of my magical heroes for years and I still barely know what I’m doing half the time.

      Much, much love — Rachel

      • “I still barely know what I’m doing half the time. ” Perhaps my rationalization for that feeling will help: To make progress in magic requires not only practicing what you know how to do, but figuring out how to do new things. When you do the latter, you necessarily feel unprepared, until you do it.

        • Rachel Izabella says:

          I know what you say is true in my head. Turning that knowledge into wisdom is something I haven’t accomplished yet. I do understand deeply that you can’t learn without many mistakes. They’re mandatory.

          Love, Rachel

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    I’ve honestly never been one for anything very formal. My personal energy source and manifestations tend to be a lot more… primal. I have serious respect for anyone comfortable with those kinds of tools. I generally just shred things.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you, Lady Imbrium! I in turn have a lot of respect for anyone who can just shred things. I don’t have the Sight anymore. Though I did once, after meeting my first spirit, it faded away. I can still “feel” but that gives one a lot less information. That makes locating what to shred, and even knowing exactly what is going on, a lot harder (but I’m so glad I still have at least that ability!). This all snuck up on me due to a lack of spiritual cleanliness, an initiatic aftermath I’m going through, and the negative emotions surrounding the divorce. I thank the Gods I have a friend who has helpful spirits and another who is a clairvoyant master of the Astral Plane. I thank Hekate too, who really did all the “heavy lifting”. The angry ghost that She took away was strong. The vampiric spirit I took care of myself was weak. —Speaking however of primal, I must say that possession feels very primal to me.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you visit and comment often in the future!

      Much love. —Rachel Izabella

  3. leftystray says:

    If it’s not too personal, what’s your Hekatean mantra?

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      It’s very simple. Io Hekate Io Ho! I tried a traditional and totally generic Tibetan mantra using Hekate’s name, but it just didn’t do the trick. A mala can build up a tremendous amount of energy. I’ve only just begun to explore what one can do with one.

      Love. –Rachel

  4. Glad you defended yourself from intruders 😀
    Nice doing.
    Btw, i don’t use oils much , only for Hekate cyprus oil which i rub on my temples and third eye and its “instant liftoff” XD
    But you gave me a bit of inspiration just now, I could prepare more oils for various purposes…

    Being attacked is never fun, and there is myriad of entities that want to take a piece of you, your energy body, your emotional body…etc
    Often when i am attacked by something i make do at that moment with what i come up at the moments notice.
    Often ripping apart intruders with tentacles or something like that.
    Sometimes there are that more persistent and more “formed” and stronger, demonic (multi-limbed, “non euclidean”, black thick mass something ) attackers, for that ones sometimes it whole night of fighting even full blown rituals to chase them off or destroy them entirely.

    But I often fight on the astral and above planes, i try to keep them off as best as i can from manifesting close to corporeal plane (some lower astral) or into the corporeal more or less (unnatural shadows crossing the house, thick as oil, random shivers through the body, uncomfortable feeling, even full blown manifestation “with a corner of your eye” or in front of you).
    Because when they move more “down here” its harder to chase them off, and more energy is needed to do it.

    In my experience cleaning, purification, psychic shields .. etc help but not in 100% of situations.
    Same as with anything else, you can have alarms, locks ..etc on your house and still find a burglar breaking in.

    In my opinion, on the slightest sign of disturbance or energetic uneasiness it is best course of action to “step outside” (of you in corporeal world), go “up” and look at the situation from higher dimensional perspective and than close of pathways where something could lower its vibration and manifest firmer.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Good advice, Dream, and as I think I already said I really admire anyone who just shred most intruders. One of the annoying things that’s happened since my life got so complicated and stressful (with good stress, mind), i.e., since I began transitioning, is that I have a lot of trouble “going up”. Or maybe I should say that I can, but not so much with the astral analogue to mundane vision. Not enough head space … too much stress (mostly good stress, but still stress) … my brain being rewired by the hormones … these are the likely causes of that. Fortunately I believe that with a daily cleansing bath, some strong protective rituals from The Book of Abrasax, the help of my Goddess, and that of friends, I can ward off or fight off any intruders even with my impaired astral abilities.

      Much love. —Rachel

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