A Garland for Zeus: Modern Prayer Bead Devotions by Drew Campbell

The page linked to below describes one prominent Hellenic Recon’s prayer beads for Zeus. It includes the prayers he uses, all riffed from sources from Antiquity. I like it so much I want to make one myself. This would be especially appropriate as I’m a member of the Gentlemen for Jupiter, a mystery cult in which members connect to the Jovian current (I can barely force myself to write “Jupiterian”) in various ways, and for me Zeus presides over that current. (The “Gentlemen” include all sexes and genders, by the way.)

There’s not enough poly- in my polytheism. I’ve become almost a Hekatean henotheist, and I don’t feel right about that. —I also want to make a prayer rope so I can meditate using Sannion’s wonderful Lusios Prayer.

A Garland for Zeus: Modern Prayer Bead Devotions by Drew Campbell.


2 thoughts on “A Garland for Zeus: Modern Prayer Bead Devotions by Drew Campbell

  1. Robert Mitchell says:

    I’ve been using prayer beads for many years and I love them. Campbell must not use them to achieve an altered state of consciousness because he doesn’t have nearly enough beads on his garland. Assuming an 8/4 breath cycle, it takes 100 beads to get to 20 minutes which is about right for the average person I should think.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      I don’t think Campbell intended an altered state, no, just plain, simple piety. For an altered state you should try the Lusios Prayer, written by Sannion. I blogged about it sometime in the past but it goes like this: Dionysos Bakcheios / Son of Persephone / Father Freedom / Set me free. I use a simple prayer rope with ten knots. After about only 30 or 40 repetitions — and I’m not really paying attention to my breath cycle at all — I definitely attain an altered state. Much love, Rachel

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