Advanced Planetary Magic: First Experiments [EDITED]


Agrippa’s, not Jason Miller’s, Seal of Venus

[EDIT: I had not read all the Calls when I wrote this post. Instead I read a few at random, all of the Jupiter Calls, then skipped straight to Friday (Venus’s and Aphrodite’s day) and just started. Below I erroneously call all the Calls transcendent magic. —There emphatically is results magic in this chapbook. Tomorrow, Saturday, for example includes some truly blood-curdling curses. But curses isn’t all there is … not by a long shot.]

I bought Jason Miller’s first chapbook, Advanced Planetary Magic, yesterday. I read over it, and today I started immediately putting it into practice. So far today I’ve performed five of the Planetary Calls in the book. Maybe overkill, maybe not. But —

I feel more alive right now than I have in weeks.

If you are a practitioner of the sort who just barely conceivably might be interested in working with and tapping into the power of the Planets — buy this ebook! These forces, if worked with diligently, will change your life for the better in ways you’d not think possible — in ways I never imagined and have only recently begun to experience in any depth.

It comes with mp3’s of Jason reading the 49 Planetary Calls contained in the chapbook. It comes with new seals of the seven classical planets that, to my mind, supersede Agrippa’s as they are usable regardless of any current adverse astrological conditions (and they’re very beautiful). And best of all, accompanying the Planetary Calls, the book contains a ritual called the Heptasphere designed to shield you from those same adverse astrological conditions. —I first learned the Heptasphere, which is a riff on PGM (The Greek Magical Papyri) XIII 824, in Mr. Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course, but this is a tweaked and improved version of it. —In other words you can use the 49 Planetary Calls during the correct planetary day and hour regardless of astrological conditions.

Some astrologers among you may go bah humbug at the idea of balancing and making benign the forces of the Heavens with a mere ritual. All I can say to you is try it and see for yourself. It really does work and, as it’s derived from the Greek Magical Papyri, it’s a venerable practice indeed.

There’s much more in the book that I’m not going to cover, but there is one more thing I want to add. Although the chapbook/ebook is called “Advanced”, there’s enough beginner level information in it for any person with some magical experience and with access to Google — in case you’re left with unanswered questions — to just buy the book and run with it. In my opinion. I’ve made mistakes before on this blog … but I don’t think I’m mistaken here.

For a true magus’s review of the chapbook read the one that Frater Rufus Opus wrote here. The man knows what he’s talking about better than I do. He enthuses over Advanced Planetary Magic.

In sum, I recommend it in the highest degree as an innovative, exquisite, and very powerful work.

Though this is what one might call transcendent magic and not external results magic I’ll keep you posted here, to the extent I possibly can, on results as they manifest in my life.

Happy enchanting and have a blessed Summer.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Planetary Magic: First Experiments [EDITED]

  1. Paw Paw Kim says:

    Rachel thanks for the INTEL and will sure look into this one
    Paw Paw Kim

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      I love it. But today, Saturday, there are only 3 Calls out of seven that aren’t curses. I’m waiting for 2:30pm to roll around. Re Saturn even the “transcendent” magic Calls are very … heavy. The Friday (Aphrodite) calls were all wonderful though. If interested, and if you’ve got $25 to spare, this book can change your life by integrating the planets’ powers into yourself. And it’s a lot less trouble than summoning an angel to help out with that. And it’s more nuanced because every day 6 out of the 7 Calls integrate the powers of two planets. And you’re calling upon Gods, not angels: more appealing to the polytheist, even though I don’t mind angels…

      I’ve enthused enough. Enjoy and much love. —Rachel

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