Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter: REVISED

4th Pentacle of Jupiter - RO

Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter by Frater Rufus Opus

As my first entry about the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter was riddled with omissions, this entry supplants it. The first half been heavily supplemented with new information.

Sometimes I’m a fuck-up and I fucked up my first attempt at this blog article. I’m not however going to delete the old entry because of the valuable information which readers, especially Freeman Presson, contributed to it in the comments.


I no longer advise anyone who knows little astrology or who cannot summon the Angel of Cancer in order to consecrate their pentacle to attempt to make one. Repeat: unless you can do these things I advise against making the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter.


This June 25, 2013, Jupiter enters Cancer. It stays in Cancer, the sign of its exaltation, until July 14, 2014. The Key of Solomon has this to say about the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter:

The fourth pentacle of Jupiter.– It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth. Its angel is Bariel. It should be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the sign Cancer.

That sounds like a good deal to me. Yes, I’ll take a helping of riches and honor, and give me some of that wealth too! I’m not saying you’ll instantly become rich if you make this pentacle. What I I’m saying is that this pentacle is real magic and should, if you do it right, alter probabilities maybe a lot or maybe a little in favor on your becoming rich and honored.

NOTA BENE: There’s a lot more to it than I wrote in my previous entry on the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter.

First, most people will be making their pentacles out of silver. It should be new and unused silver, ideally. I’m making mine out of an old silver dollar though. Used metals must be purified by fire according to the Key of Solomon before the creation of a pentacle from them. In my opinion, the “creature of fire” itself should be consecrated in a manner consonant with the magic of the Key of Solomon. That basically means by means of a Judaeo-Christian prayer/incantation. If I can’t find in the Key of Solomon how to do this, I’ll be using the prayer of the consecration of the fire (the incense) from Frater RO’s Modern Angelic Grimoire.

A second point that I neglected when I wrote the first version of this entry: astrology. Know your natal chart. And to quote Freeman:

Afflictions that would stop you from doing this are: [Jupiter] in detriment or fall, or square, conjunction, or opposition to Mars or Saturn.

Also concerning astrology, if Jupiter is badly aspected on a particular Thursday, do not create your talisman on that day. I’m not qualified to tell you when Jupiter will be badly aspected without quoting too extensively from Austin Coppock’s unbelievably excellent Astrological Almanac, so I’ll leave that part up to the individual magician/sorcerer/mage. I get most of my astrological info from Mr. Coppock’s Almanac, but you don’t have to. If you can understand an astrological ephemeris, and if you know what constitutes a badly aspected Jupiter, you can do this part yourself.

Third, contrary to what I wrote before, the pentacle should be consecrated. The consecration should be performed, according to Frater Rufus Opus, by the Angel Muriel, Angel of Cancer. If you do not know how to summon angels, I advise against making a pentacle. The Modern Angelic Grimoire linked to above will tell you all you need to know about summoning angels. And here is the link Mr. Opus referred me to concerning specifically the consecration of the pentacle.


Now that all the omissions that I know of have been supplied, and words of regret at my mistakes have been said, I can get on with how the average magically inclined person can make the physical telesma of the pentacle.

Have your blank silver piece ready beforehand. Inscribe on it on a Thursday between the days noted above, and in the planetary hour of Jupiter as well. What that means practically is that you start making the pentacle during the correct planetary hour. It’s OK if it takes you longer to finish than the one planetary hour. You can start at the last minute if you want to, and take all day and night. —I should warn you I haven’t read that anywhere, but that’s how ritual magic works. You begin a rite within the correct hour, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes after that, even if you begin in the last minute of the hour. —Jovial Jupiter (the Angelic or Archontic governors of the Sphere of Jupiter, actually — I’m not too clear on the relationship between the Old Gods and the Hermetic planetary Spheres) would hardly be more picky about basically a silver amulet than Planetary Powers are about summoning Jupiter’s Angels, Intelligences and Spirits.

So what if you want to do this yourself? What’s an easy, actually doable method that does not require you to be a silversmith or break out the oxygen torch or buy a blank silver slug for a lot of money from a scientific company?

This is how I’m going to do it. —First, I’m using a silver dollar, one that’s actually silver but so worn it’s not worth much money. If you don’t have one, you should still be able to buy one for cheaper than the blank silver slug mentioned above, and you may well get more silver for less money.

I’m going to start using a balpeen hammer to flatten out the silver dollar any day now. In other words I’m preparing the silver part of the Pentacle in advance. On the day and beginning in the hour of my choice all I’ll have to do is incise the image of the Pentacle into the (hopefully flat enough) blank silver ex-coin. —Note: I think it’s illegal to deface US currency the way I’m planning on doing. —Also note: I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.

Note: I’ve now begun hammering on my old silver dollar. I knew it would take a while, but this is even more labor intensive than I’d expected! I don’t want to hit the coin too hard — an 1899 dollar was made of purer silver than the early silver Eisenhower dollars were, and cracking the silver or splintering a piece off is a real possibility. It takes a lot of bangs on your buck! (Sorry, I just had to say that.)

Also don’t forget that according to the Key of Solomon used metals must be “purified by fire.”

The day of Jupiter is Thursday, but what is the hour of Jupiter? There are two good sites on the web that will answer this question for you at your location most anywhere in the world. They are here and here.

So let’s say it’s the proper day and hour. At random I’ve just now selected, for purposes of this blog post only, Thursday, July 11, 2013, and I’m going to start cutting or incising the design seen at top into my silver ex-dollar sometime between 2:33pm EDT and 3:44pm EDT. —Notice that a planetary hour isn’t equal to 60 minutes. Instead it’s equal to one twelfth of the day’s daylight or one twelfth of the night’s darkness. There are two hours of Jupiter during the day every Thursday and two hours of Jupiter every Thursday evening from sundown till sunrise.

Simple stuff. —But what am going to use to “draw” this design into the silver? First I’m going to use a sharp pencil and draw the pentacle and use the pencil drawing as my guideline. I’ll experiment with Number Two, Number Three and if I need to a Number One pencil to see which makes lines that are both visible and fine. —You might go to the hardware store and buy a pretty big brass nail or maybe even search online for a brass ice pick if I can find one for cheap. Why brass? Because brass is hard. You can easily scratch a design into solid steel with a tiny brass screw so an ice pick, if I can find one, will serve as an ideal “pencil” with which to incise the above design into the silver.

FYI: Silver is quite soft, so anything sharp, pointy and made of stainless steel instead of brass should work as well. I was looking for a brass ice pick on Amazon — brass ice picks are now, FYI, apparently “vintage” items, i.e., they’re made of stainless steel these days — and I found a gun pick, a pick shaped very much like a pencil used to remove crud from the inside of the barrel of your pistol, I presume. It’s not long enough to work on a rifle barrel.

After inscribing the pentacle comes the conjuration of Muriel to consecrate it. If you’re like me, inscribing the symbol will be slow work. The hour of Jupiter will be over and it will be time for an angelic conjuration. So I’d advise you to inscribe your pentacle-to-be in the first and/or second hour of Jupiter and to conjure Muriel and ask her/him to consecrate your pentacle at the third hour. Or, if you’re a real night-howl or insomniac, the fourth hour. —I could be wrong again, but I also see no reason why you could not create your pentacle one Thursday, and perform the angelic conjuration on a following Thursday.

The Latin gloria et divitiae in domo eius et iustitia in saeculum saeculi means “Wealth and riches are in her/his house; and her/his merit endureth forever.” It’s from Psalm 112. Notice that I corrected eustitia to iustitia, which is what it says in the Latin Bible. —Who doesn’t want wealth and riches?

If you are very ambitious you might try the version below, drawn and released under the Creative Commons license by S. Aldarnay. I fear Hebrew block script is beyond my meager and untested silver-scratching skills, so I’m sticking with Frater RO’s simpler version above. It is however beautiful.

Much love, Rachel Izabella

S Aldarnay - 4th Pentacle of Jupiter

Licensed under the Creative Commons License

by S. Aldarnay


3 thoughts on “Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter: REVISED

  1. […] There is a new post which is a revision of this one, and which supplants this post. Go read it here instead of reading this […]

  2. Excellent (except for beating yourself up too much). I agree that it’s common practice to create this kind of talisman on one good election and consecrate it on a later one. You can also leave it symbolically incomplete (e.g.,leave one line to engrave, or a circle to close) until the consecration time, or it can all be done as one long operation, given a lot of stamina.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      I hadn’t thought of, say, leaving one line to engrave till the proper time. Good idea. As for beating myself up — I’m a masochist.

      But seriously, a lot of my readers aren’t experienced with magic or aren’t experienced with this sort of magic. My first go at writing this entry made it seem easy, and something a beginner could do. It’s not so easy after all. I would hate, hate, hate to burden a beginner with a piece of magic I taught them how to bungle. –R.I.

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