Hekate’s Supper

Hekate image - beautiful but odd

Artist Unknown

The New Moon was yesterday at about 10am here in North Carolina, so last night was the night for Hekate’s deipnon, Hekate’s Supper. I know the good people at Neos Alexandria on their Athenian calendar go by when the Moon is full in Athens, Greece, but that’s (I hope) because they live all over North America and Europe, not just out of some misbegotten nostalgia for Ancient Greece. As I said I live in North Carolina, USA, and to offer Hekate’s deipnon on any other day than the day of the New Moon would just feel wrong.

When I’m not lower than whale shit lately I’m often very, very close to Hekate. I think that had an effect on me last night. —Walking toward the crossroads with a bottle of wine in one hand and, basically, home made cookies in the other, I was terrified. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Night animals I could not identify called out. When I got to the crossroads and laid my “cakes” down and let the bottle of wine drain onto the ground it was a little easier, I was preoccupied with the physical act. And I did it with my eyes closed, which helped. When I turned away without looking back, as is the custom, my fear had left me. —But that initial walk to the crossroads … it took a real effort of will. I hope that’s a sign that Hekate was waiting…

Hekate can be very loving and motherly, and for the first time ever that’s the way She’s been to me generally of late. The Terror that She can be, however, serves a beneficent purpose. In being scarier than anything else — anything anywhere — and in having the power to back that Terror up, She protects us. According to the lore contained in the Greek Magical Papyri, Hekate is the Goddess “before whom the Gods tremble”. If She can make the Gods themselves tremble, what possible danger could there be?

I’ll tell you what possible danger there could be. None from Hekate Herself, let me say first. But Hekate does not roam the night alone. She travels with a retinue, a hoard, of hellhounds, restless and angry ghosts, lamiai and empousai — the last two being varieties of vampiric spirits. But they too tremble before Her, and Her devotees come to no harm. I would not like to offer Hekate Her supper in any other mood than the most solemn, and the more terrified the better. If you go to the crossroads and you aren’t scared, you aren’t doing it right. Last night I feel I finally did it right.

Next month I plan on making a proper but simple magical rite out of it. I hope I have the courage. I’d love to go a little later, in the wee hours, to ensure privacy, create sacred space, recite Her Orphic hymn, and then offer Her supper. I wish I could find a secluded crossroads in the woods, but I’ve had no luck in my search. Her supper will have to be offered on or beside the pavement, I fear.

But that’s OK for now. Last night was scary enough for my blood.

A visit from Lucifer — scary, but more intimidating and awe inspiring. Hekate’s merest presence, the tiniest hint of it, in Her terrifying aspect — She curdles my blood and makes my bones shake.

And I, mere mortal that I am, am in love with Her.


5 thoughts on “Hekate’s Supper

  1. In my experience it was a very intense Hecate’s night.
    I didn’t prepared any rites that night but was drawn into inadvertently into a ritual with Hecate.
    A lot of new territories opened a lot of new roads unveiled…
    I love when important rituals unfold spontaneously and completely unplanned.
    Its great how at that times you can experience how some things are “out of your hands” and your own smallness in regard to the other forces in the universe XD
    If Hecate or any other god says “dance”, you’ll dance no matter what you do or have or have not planned 😀

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      These are wise words, Dream. And they’re most applicable to my situation. ‘Cause I’m a recovered Catholic I now feel free to steal a page from Xianity sometimes. So sometimes when at a loss for words or ideas to pray I just say to my Goddess “Thy will be done.”

  2. Wytchfawn says:

    I experience the ‘fear’ after I’ve made offerings and turn my back…for that is when Hekate and the restless dead come to devour the food. I can sometimes smell and hear them…much more terrifying and reason NOT to look back.

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