Hymn to Hekate

O my Goddess
⸻either’s beloved
⸻a mine and mine
⸻let me climb worlds’ heights
⸻so high
⸻I see glimpses of Your
⸻dark mind
⸻and blinding light
⸻not wallow in the mud
⸻as now
⸻as swine

O my Lady
⸻let me be Your mystic
⸻see hear at times at least
⸻You alone
⸻without interference of the
⸻clamorous rabble
⸻of lesser spirits
⸻of humankind’s psychic whine

O Hekate
⸻beauty endless and fine
⸻let me be Your horse and You my
⸻Rider spurring with beauty and terror
⸻see flakes of Your infinity
⸻contain in me
⸻flakes of You my Mystery
⸻and no need to flee
⸻the pressure
⸻the closer intensity
⸻as ruminants at approach of the lion

Rachel Izabella P.
May 25, 2013


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