Her Sacred Fires: Not For Me

I just performed the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, the rite written by Sorita d’Este and performed by probably thousands world-wide.

I suppose I’m expected to enthuse over it, but I’m not going to. I found myself underwhelmed. The from the heart prayers I offered afterwards had more power in them, for me. —What did I expect? The ritual is rather lovely. But I felt no call to join in with those thousands also performing the ritual tonight, even though I gave it my best shot. Perhaps not a very good shot, but the best I have within me. I did not feel, with one exception, my Goddess’s presence when I performed the rite. Perhaps I missed the target.

I can’t criticize the Covenant of Hekate. I know very little about it. I have some dear friends who are members, friends who know what they’re about. The fault, if there is a fault, lies within my own wayward heart.

I felt power however in these voces magicae: Askei Kataskei Erōn Oreōn Iōr Mega Samnyēr Baui (thrice) Phobantia Semnē. Just like there’s power in the Ephesia Grammata (Ephesian Words): Askion Kataskion Lix Tetrax Damnameneus Aision. I need to source the former — the voces magicae used in the Rite of Her Sacred Fires — in the Greek Magical Papyri. I think they’re found there though I could be wrong. They won’t be difficult to source regardless. I did indeed feel a connection, feel something click, when I repeated those words, only I have no idea what they actually do. Perhaps I can do something on my own with them when I find them in context and attempt to get a clue as to their function within the context of the rite containing them. The latter after all, the stand-alone Ephesia Grammata, is/are a powerful protective charm if uttered with enough Will-Desire-Belief, and also repeatedly, like a mantra.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter. Did I simply not invest enough Will-Desire-Belief in tonight’s Rite of Her Sacred Fires? Doubtless I did not. And doubtless I’ll remain unable to do so.

The Covenant of Hekate has its place, but I’m not a joiner. I’d planned on joining, but I posted somewhere about not joining any societies except the most informal. I have no idea how informal the Covenant of Hekate is, and not knowing I’ll not apply to join.

My heart’s just not in it, nor I think shall it ever be.

Those of you reading this who are members of the Covenant of Hekate, please don’t be offended by my words here. I mean no harm. As I said, the fault, if any, lies within me alone.

I’ve always been a loner. I’m proud to be one because I’m proud to be me. Too proud? Maybe. But I won’t change. I don’t know that I can, having no desire to do so.


3 thoughts on “Her Sacred Fires: Not For Me

  1. In case you didn’t find it yet, the voces magicae in the spell you mentioned are from PGM LXX.4-25, on p. 297 of Betz’s translation.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      I did find it, with Google’s help, but as I’m rather lazy I easily might not have. And I never went back and edited the entry. *heavy sigh* —Thank you for the helpful comments and for visiting!

      Much love. —Rachel

  2. Thank you for sharing. Just my own feelings 🙂

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