How I Became a Polytheist

I share many things, I might as well share this. A friend on Twitter shared the story of his conversion to polytheism. I shared mine. Here’s my story, exactly as I typed it on Twitter.


I like your story better than mine, but here goes, quicky version. I lost my job in 2007, it was not a good parting.

I saw a therapist who was a clinical hypnotherapist. He taught me what he frankly called trance. I was reading Jung…

…and took everything he taught me and took it ten steps further, not knowing what I was doing, just having fun…

…at some point I stumbled across the hedge, without knowing it. And kept on going, still ignorant…

…one day I was walking in the woods and I sat down against a tree to meditate and fell into trance…

…couldnt tell if my eyes were open or shut…and a beautiful woman in white approached, holding a star between her fingertips

and I opened my mouth and swallowed it like a pill, and then we danced in the woods—And then I was again sitting & she was gone

My depression was cured. I could not deny I’d met a spirit. And soon I discovered Hekate. The End.

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