Lucifer Part II [For Gerry and Cassie]

I can’t resume my train of thought from last time. So I’ll start anew.

Relating even a small part of my one encounter with Lucifer precipitated a panic attack. At the time I didn’t understand why. Then a magician friend an ocean away who’s doing the rite in the grimoire The Black Dragon Monday night told me that Lucifer said to him something like: “Tell Rachel that Exu Rei gives his regards.” —This produced another, much smaller panic attack but started bringing about an epiphany as well.

And where else would I hash it out except in front of the Gods and everybody and their little dogs too?

Simply put, I have a fear of success. I want to retire into the shadows and not be seen the way a small child hides behind his or her mother’s skirt tails. Lucifer did me a tremendous favor by shining a bright light into this dark, ugly recess in me. So I’ve determined not to fear success, although I don’t know how I’ll eliminate this fear. Just face it I guess and persevere. Recite the Dune Fear Against Fear. Hell, I don’t know.

I’ve also decided not to give up on Quimbanda, which I was on the verge of doing. Who am I to refuse the Morningstar when he’s done me such a great service? Even if I have to start all over again from the bottom, I’m going to do it, giant pain in the arse that it is.

But all this brings up a troubling existential question. Who the Hell am I? What am I, that this should happen to me?

I’m pretty sure that I’m no more special than anyone else. I may have some skillz, but I think I’m just somebody in the right time and the right place. Comes a time in a sorcerer’s or sorceress’s career when the spirits start coming to them. It just so happened that it took the Bossman Himself to change my mind.

For those of you wondering… Yes, I have hashed all this out with my therapist, thank you very much. I’m so grateful I have a cool therapist…


Now that that’s firmly out of the way, I can move on to less personal matters. —Who is Lucifer? The name of course means Lightbringer or more literally Lightbearer. It was the Romans’ name for Venus as the Morning Star. I can find no evidence whatsoever that the Romans or Greeks or Etruscans worshiped their Lucifer as a divine being. The idea that Lucifer was worshiped as a divine being by the Romans etc. isn’t even a myth, it’s a figment, it’s wishful thinking that happens to be quite false. It was just an ordinary human name to them.

In fact in time it became a rather popular praenomen or first name — the Romans used a complex system of three names: first name, clan name, sub-clan name (please, you classicists out there, no flaming me for being loose with terminology). Originally there weren’t many first names AKA praenomina. Maybe twenty or so for men. Naturally as the population of Roman citizens exploded, many of them not having an old fashioned Roman second or third name, the number of first names increased quickly. Lucifer was one of these names. It was less remarkable even than today’s use of Venus as a feminine first name. Mothers and fathers had a larger assortment of names for baby girls, but none of them as far as I know was Lucifera. That name was reserved as an epithet for the Goddess Diana, Diana Lucifera. Possibly that’s a direct copy from the Greek Hekate Phosphoros. The Greeks and Romans conflated Diana and Artemis, Hekate and Artemis, Hecate and Diana, and so on, quite early, even before the beginning of the Common Era.

Speaking of guys named Lucifer, there was a Christian Bishop Lucifer Calaritanus of Sardinia. In Sardinia to this day in fact he’s regarded as a saint. He died around the year 370 CE. —What makes him important to the story of Lucifer the Big Spirit is that Saint Jerome, translator of the Vulgate Bible, hated Bishop Lucifer’s guts. So when Jerome got around to translating Isaiah 14:12, which is about the fall from power of an “unnamed king of Babylon” (thank you, Wikipedia, I love you so), he translate the Hebrew word heylelmorning star or light-bringing [one] —  as Lucifer. He could’ve translated it as Stella Matutina or Phosphorus instead but he chose the name of his old enemy. Who’d, by the way, been dead for thirty years when Jerome or the Pope or whoever published the Vulgate in 400 CE. Jerome was a hard ass who didn’t forgive easily, if ever. —FYI, the Hebrew word heylel occurs nowhere else in the Hebrew Bible.

Perhaps the name Lucifer had already been equated with our Lucifer, Emperor of Hell, in the Old Italic versions of the New Testament. But the fragments left of the Old Italic translations differ amongst themselves, and it was really Jerome’s cruel choice of names that wrote the equation Lucifer = Emperor of Hell or Satan in stone for future generations.


So that’s where his name comes from but it doesn’t answer the question Who is he? —First, though, there may be some of you out there wondering But what’s Lucifer’s real name? If you’re wondering that, I hate to tell you this, but there is no answer comprehensible to human beings or pronouceable by us to that question. In the words of the inestimable Mr. Jason Miller in his latest blog entry (as of today, May 22, 2013):

The names and descriptions of spirits are names that humans have given them. How do you pronounce their actual names? Can you speak in 12 tones at once and speak words backwards and forwards in time? No? Then don’t worry about it. Names like Michael, Ekajati, Legba, and so on all have traceable etymologies from human cultures. It may be names that a single being has responded to for centuries, or it may be a name that legions of spirits answer to.

What he means by that last sentence is that some spirits have more than one name, and some names have more than one spirit that go with them. —If you want to know his real real name, you’ll have to snag a copy of the True Grimoire or the Black Dragon or some other volume of forbidden lore, evoke him, and ask him yourself. Who knows? — maybe he’ll even tell you. But I doubt you’ll be able to pronounce it.


So Who is Lucifer really and for true? I’m not going to be able to give you a definitive answer on that, but I will give you my conjecture. Only not now.

This time I’m not all written out, I’m just out of time. We homeschool, it’s 8:12AM and I need to get the kids up and fed and start to help schooling them.

I don’t mean to be a tease, but I’d rather hit Publish and start on Part III later today than not. —Till next time, may Lucifer Morningstar shine upon you.


2 thoughts on “Lucifer Part II [For Gerry and Cassie]

  1. I would venture to say it’s not so much that you’re special(though indeed you might be) or that any of us are, really. We just have a habit of attracting the attention of certain beings, and sometimes somehow we manage to hold that attention, either for the best or worst. It’s a more common occurrence than one might think. Looking forward to the next in the series.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was trying to get at, but could not phrase cogently. Thanks for giving me the words I need! Visit and comment often!

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