Sexual Uniqueness; no “us and them”.

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Cassie & Sophie NSFW

This post is inspired by several recent interaction with Luc at Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind. It is about sexual orientations, preferences and prejudices. It is about living with ourselves and expressing ourselves in a world that may not always accept us; and it is about strategies to deal with that.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I am bisexual and that I am in a lesbian relationship with another woman. Very regular readers might even know a good deal more about my sexual tastes. The question is; are these labels enough to define us as people or reason enough for people to accept or reject us?

It could be argued that gay people have many more rights and are accepted in western society far more now than in the past. Gay people can marry in many states and countries. There are well known gay people…

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