Lucifer Part I [For Gerry and Cassie]

Who is Lucifer? What is Lucifer? What’s he like? People want to know it seems. So here begins my best shot.

Nota Bene: Some of my views are taken from Quimbanda, specifically from the works of Nicolaj de Mattos Frisvold and his works Pomba Gira and the Quimbanda of Mbùmba Nzila and Exu & the Quimbanda of Night and Fire, not because I’ve experienced them but because they simply make a lot of sense and I’ve unconsciously added them to my set of what I call working theories. I.e., ideas that make some sense out of my personal experiences and so I’ve tentatively adopted them as my own. I’ve also been an avid reader of his blog The Starry Cave for years and no doubt I’ve internalized many of his ideas from there. Some ideas I’ve internalized from from Jake Stratton-Kent’s True Grimoire and Geosophia. I read R. Lowe Thompson’s History of the Devil Or The Horned God of the West a few years ago. I also have some vague memories of reading a biography of St. Jerome years ago. And, like everybody else I’ve consulted Wikipedia.

And, in this the first entry of my (short) series of entries on Lucifer, I relate a fraction of a personal encounter — and the gnosis I’ve been able to derive from it.


Let me get my personal encounter out of the way first. What’s Lucifer like? His presence is overwhelming (but as nothing compared to Hekate’s — but who knows? maybe Lucifer was just holding back). He is a tempter. He makes ambiguous offers and his words are multivalent — what seems a tempting offer could be an invitation to disaster. Or it might be exactly what it seems. In short, he does not make up your mind for you. The very ambiguity of his words leaves you free to make your own path, your own success or failure. He’s at once charismatic and, of course, scary. The one time I met him, I rather liked him.

What did he look like? He looked like a stereotypical Quimbanda spirit — red skin, no shirt, horns, carried a trident. He also had a wickedly awesome mustache and goatee. I believe spirits may have favored forms but can take on any form they wish. Your imagination also is not just for daydreaming. It’s both a perceptive sense organ in its own right and a mighty organ of creation, if you know how to wield it. To picture a spirit’s manifestation to yourself, what else do you have to draw on but your imagination, what else to create a spirit’s appearance with, especially when they manifest in your very imagination itself and your mind? And vice versa. What other visual language can the spirit make use of than the language of your imagination. Some deny that spirits can read minds. Maybe they can’t but they can read your aura, or read what the Golden Dawn termed your Sphere of Sensation. Some at least can read you, to this limited extent, like a book. —So he might look like anything to you. This is only what he looked like to me.

What did he say to me? —”You can remain in your state of nullity, and become a nullity, or you can choose a state of quiddity, and become something, somebody in this world.” — “Are you afraid? … I don’t have to leave, you know…” —I replied, “Perhaps.” —”But,” he said then, “you aren’t exactly my type.” And he left like a whoosh of wind.

—As for the occasion of his visit and what all else he said to me, let it be sealed. Only what he spoke to me about — was he describing the path towards nullity or the path towards quiddity? The path remains my own to choose and to create. Perhaps either answer to this question can be true, can be false… —I afterwards asked my familiar if the spirit calling himself Lucifer had in fact been who he said he was, and my familiar confirmed that it was Lucifer. I cast both a geomantic shield chart and a house chart and my divination also confirmed that it was indeed Lucifer who visited me. That’s the best I can do. Can I prove I met Lucifer? No, of course not. But I believe I did.


In Quimbanda de raiz, Quimbanda of the root, Lucifer and Satan are seen as one being. If you are worthy and call upon him — or I might add get paid an unexpected visit by him — you get the face of the Lightbringer. Your level of gnosis grows. If you are unworthy, you face his Satanic side, and you get everything you no doubt deserve. I’m certain he does you no outright harm, but your depravity, your greed, your lust, hatred, pride, etc., they only deepen. The light of gnosis in you dims further and further.

It’s also taught that there is no more enmity between Lucifer on the one hand and Christ and humanity on the other. Lucifer, like all the spirits of Quimbanda, wishes to elevate the human soul and in doing so elevate himself. Unlike many spirits, the legions of Exus and Pomba Giras understand the human soul and the human condition. Exu é curador. Exu is a healer. The path by which they lead you however is strewn with shards of glass and with thorns. “When you take the Devil and his wife for your teachers, it does not make for an easy journey,” Frisvold writes.


And now you’re going to have to pardon me, even though I’ve written fewer than a thousand words. It took the wind out of me to write of my personal encounter. It only happened a few days ago. I’d rather end part one abruptly and resume soon, tomorrow I hope, with part two than give my readers nothing at all today.

More to follow. I’ll resume where I stopped above.

5 thoughts on “Lucifer Part I [For Gerry and Cassie]

  1. Gerry says:

    Rachel, again thank you for this, my life, my path, is not an easy one (is there ever an easy life/path), this connects greatly with me, as does all your writing. x

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you for the appreciation, Gerry. For some reason this was a difficult post to write. No doubt the other night’s encounter affected me more deeply than I had known. It’s my readers and especially comments such as yours than keep me going. –R

  2. thefirstdark says:

    Rachel, as always thank you for sharing your experiences, and Going to places others may fear. It’s why I love your blog so much!

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank you! Going places others fear to go may well be my calling in life, or a part of that calling. I’m learning fast lately about this whole calling business. Thank you again for your appreciation.

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