Pagan Intolerance: nothing new under the sun | Magical Experiments

Taylor Ellwood has written an excellent article about pagan intolerance. The very notion of pagan intolerance disgusts me. How can a pagan or polytheist or whatever you call yourself believe there is only one path to the truth, only one right answer? Everything in the multiverse, it seems to me, is in some sense plural. Hence the poly- in polytheism, as one example.

It seems to me that the growth of intolerance in the pagan communities marks the beginnings of a new thing under the Sun after all, or at least something the Sun hasn’t shone on for at least two thousand years — pagan fundamentalism. And I mean the word fundamentalism not in any etymological sense, but in the now everyday sense of those who believe it’s “my way or the highway.”

Pagan Intolerance: nothing new under the sun | Magical Experiments.


3 thoughts on “Pagan Intolerance: nothing new under the sun | Magical Experiments

  1. […] Pagan fundamentalism.  The Wild Hunt ran a great piece on the subject back in February, and yesterday Rachel (thanks for your thought-provoking post which was my launching point) put up more material on the topic. […]

  2. “Pagan Fundamentalism” is a value laden term with extreme negative connotations for common people. I have documented in the below linked article how results of existing Pagan scholarship are already being misrepresented on Christian blogs with a distinctively negative agenda towards Paganism. I am very concerned that the present discussions about Pagan Fundamentalism will be used against Pagans in the same manner. See my article on this important issue entitled:
    “Pagan Scholarship and anti-Pagan Propaganda” at

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Thank very much indeed for your comment, and thanks for the visit and the link. I’ll read the article tonight. It may well inspire me to write up my own thoughts on the matter.

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