Migraines Return


After almost two years during which I’ve had maybe three or four migraines, they may be starting to return in earnest. Yesterday one came on quick and then I remembered I myself had posted here on magically curing them. Here is a link to that. I was able to skip most of the pain phase and proceed directly to the postdromal or “hangover” phase of the migraine.

But then around eleven o’clock in the evening I started feeling nauseated and disoriented—symptoms of the predromal phase. It’s been several years since I had serial migraines. The fucking things would overlap even. But since I was able to cure last evening’s too do these new episodes even count as a return of migraines?

I think they do since I still feel hungover from yesterday’s megrims. And my head doesn’t feel too good this very moment. Time to take some feverfew — which I highly recommend to my comrade migraineurs and migraineuses — and to do the Mahasirs (“big head”) mudra and then, if those fail, to do the quick ritual, conveniently included in the post linked to above, from The Long Lost Friend.

This sucks. I still hope however to write here later.

migraine image 2


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