To the Person Who Used My “Contact Me” Form

Dear Not-to-be-named-here, I replied to you at your email address, but my reply bounced. Did you perhaps make a typo while entering your address? Regardless, here is my reply to you.

An intact human will can withstand any siege from any external force. Remain strong. As much as you can cast out your fear, it will only weaken you. Spend long periods in meditation, that’s very effective. Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel for his protection. He does not care whether you even believe in him or not, nor about your religious affiliations or lack thereof.

I’m not a professional, I don’t take clients. For professional help I recommend you get in touch with one of the following:

They are professionals and any of them is fully able to end such an attack.

I also recommend you consult a qualified (and sympathetic) mental health professional.

Good luck to you. I will pray for you to my Patroness and I will set a light for you.

Rachel Izabella


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