Herakleitos AKA Heraclitus

I just dug up my old translation of the Fragments of Heraclitus (Herakleitos) and I feel as if my head were about to explode. I’ll share a few of the lesser known of his nuggets of pure gold.



In searching out the truth be ready for the unexpected, for it is difficult to find and puzzling when you find it.

Not enough and too much.

Lightning is the lord of everything.

No matter how many ways you try, you cannot find a boundary to consciousness [the psyche], so deep in every direction does it extend.

The untrained mind shivers with excitement at everything it hears.

The gods’ presence in the world goes unnoticed by those who do not believe in the gods.

In death men will come upon things they do not expect, things utterly unknown to the living.

There are gods here, too.

Life is bitter and fatal, yet men cherish it and beget children to suffer the same fate.

Wisdom is whole, and is both willing and unwilling to be named Zeus.


Pure genius, and utterly thrilling.


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