Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate

Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate.

The black transsexual woman stabbed to death and tied to a piece of concrete and thrown into a pond in Ohio? Her name was Cemia Dove. Her nickname was Ci Ci. Below is her picture in life.

To add insult to death, the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows not a pic like this, but a mug shot. They call her corpse “oddly dressed.” Worst of all the newspaper called her an “it”. Here’s the quote from, quoting the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Police said after they contacted area law enforcement for help identifying the body, Cleveland detectives told them they had a missing person matching its description.

Yeah. Plain Dealer reporter John Caniglia referred to Cemia as an it

And even worse than that is the fact that Cemia is the third transsexual woman of color murdered in the USA so far this month. That is, the third we know about. There have been more murdered— this month — that no one knows about, without a doubt.

Requiescas in pace, Cemia. Violent, premature deaths make for restless ghosts. Still, against all odds, Requiescas in pace, Cemia.

Cemia Dove


2 thoughts on “Revictimized In Death | The Transadvocate

  1. Robert Mitchell says:

    I try to be the peaceful martial artist, the calm and balanced witch. But stories like this really pull out my trailer park bluster, and make we want to start talking crazy talk…I just bit my tongue in half…I’ll just say canes and curses to the perpetrators, and shame on the reporter. He wrote a followup piece where he refers to the victim repeatedly as a man and uses her birth name rather than her trans name. FYI, John Caniglia can be reached at 216.999.4097 or at

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Wow Robert, you’re good — a telephone number and an email. If I can keep my anger in check, keep a civil (but sharp) tongue, I just may use one or the other. Thanks so much!

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