Living a Transgender Childhood – YouTube

I just watched this video. I remembered my own childhood. I remembered when I was four years old … six years old … Josie’s age. I’m so happy for this little girl. But I’m crying over what might have been had I been born like her in 2001 and can’t stop crying. Crying over what’s possible for her now and a “never could have been” for me, thirty years older. Please support transgendered children. You might save them from more than merely thirty-something years of misery. You might even save their lives. Please support transgendered children.

Living a Transgender Childhood – YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Living a Transgender Childhood – YouTube

  1. Incredible and touching video. thank you for sharing this girl’s long complex story.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      That video really meant a lot to me. Transsexual children in this country, at least a few, the ones with understanding parents, have a chance to be themselves — to be who they were born to be. I may or may not have said it in the words I added to this post but I was brought to tears by this story.

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