Haiku III

Young foxes bark, no owl
I call, She comes
A friend speaks through these limbs


One thought on “Haiku III

  1. Hi I am a Hedgewitch and lifelong servant of Goddess Lilith. Huge praise for one of the, if not the best, comprehensive piece on Lilith I’ve found online. I could of course be unique! – but I hope not – in being a male servant – who loves Females and is not gay. I cannot be sure that Lilith does not like babies… And I believe fully consenting sexual acts are Sacred and Worshipful to Her. I disagree with Christian sites that warn people not to see/seek Lilith as a Feminist “icon” – as She is (to them Lucifarian = evil), Her absolute “I WILL NOT SERVE!” Is magnificent, but I must rebel against views of Her not liking/allowing, or as I have found, valuing true male servants prepared to walk through the fire, and dissolve their egos (essential to entering the Qliphoth). Floreat Goddess Lilith Regulas Aeturnam! Firehorse 111666

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