Practical Storytelling and Sorcery: A Recommendation


Craig Slee AKA VI (pronounced “six”) is writing a series on storytelling — storytelling as sorcery that is. He’s only on Part (or lesson) 3 and already, if you’ve followed along since Part I, if you’ve done the exercises, then you’re doing magic, you are now performing sorcery with your voice, your body and your bones. No lie, no exaggeration, just the straight dope. Craig may also be the best writer in the magical blogosphere (though that distinction might go to Ryan Valentine, I can never decide).

—An aside: “blogosphere” is a terrible word, but I can’t think of a better at the moment.

Craig’s blog doesn’t seem to have a title, unless it’s Raven, as seen in the URL if you click the link above. Also there’s a pic of a raven at the top of the page.

If you want (so far) free sorcery lessons, you could not do better than to read and DO Parts 1 through 3 of Practical Storytelling and Sorcery – The Bare Bones. A new installment is as of now coming out every Wednesday — Odin’s Day, as Craig is an Odinsman. I’ve never seen the stuff he’s teaching before, but it’s mind-blowing and it will make you a better writer or storyteller and it will make you a motherfrakking sorcerer.

Ask yourself: Have I ever wanted to do the impossible?


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