Enochian Dreams

I’ve accumulated such a sleep debt that I can do nothing — except doze off. Oh Gods did my neck hurt a little while ago.

But I was having such weird dream. I was shuffling around letters as if with Scrabble pieces, trying to figure out the name of a spirit. I’m pretty sure that the name I came up with, just before my daughter waked me, was Madimi.

Why Madimi? I’ve never practiced Enochian magic and I know very little about it. Though this was no bad dream, it reminds me of the last truly terrifying nightmare I had…

I was one of an unending train of people about to die. We were yoked together by the neck, floating down an underground canal. The ceiling was rounded and of clean grey stone and the water though cold was likewise of the very purest. As each person reached the end, they plunged down a waterfall and their necks snapped. There were hundreds of people before me, but somehow I could see it happening plainly. —The water itself was HCOMA (pronounced heh-COH-mah), the Enochian spirit or angel of the Element of Water. (Correct me if I’m wrong, somebody.) The underground canal or tunnel was HCOMA, the Spirit HCOMA permeated the place. I woke before I reached the end where I was surely going to die. No salvation was forthcoming, we all knew that in silent communion of despair.

Why would I have such dreams? I have no plans to practice Enochian magic. Should I have plans to do so? Should I avoid it like the plague? Why do these Spirits appear in my dreams, twice now?

Because I firmly believe that both of them now have done so. The dream my daughter just woke me from was not a Big Dream. But the HCOMA nightmare was the last Big Dream I can remember having. I never could parse it or interpret it. Neither can I figure why I was working to learn the name Madimi in my nap-dream of today.

Anyone out there any good at dream interpretations?


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