Breaking the Rules of Magick (eBook): First Impressions

My dad recently gave me his original black & white Nook as a hand-me-down. A FaceBook friend of mine, Rustee Wizzerd, linked to an ebook available, for now, only in Nook format. It’s called Breaking the Rules of Magick and is available here (Nook users only, unless you’re computer geek enough to get around that). The author is Dante Miel.

I rushed through Chapter One (I don’t mean I skimmed it, I made haste) because I was thinking like so: “Yes!” and “I think all that stuff is BS too!” and “That’s how I do it!” —Not to imply I’m the adept Dante Miel is, the author, because I’m not. I’m a newbie, approx. five years since my first unexpected meeting with a Spirit, five years since the door to the Spirit World opened for me and has never fully shut. Most importantly of all, five years since the Spirits themselves began to initiate me. I began exploring that World, or rather those Worlds, and engaging in spirit-congress and undergoing initiations by the Spirits themselves.

Direct engagement with the Spirits and with magic, deconstruction of all your system-bound, rule-bound, faith-bound methods of and beliefs about what magic is, what the Spirits are like, is the substance of this book. And then it continues, with loose instructions (remember, this book does not intend to become a new System to trap you) for directly confronting, experiencing, and gaining undeniable, real-as-a-bullet gnosis of the Spirits and magic. At least I think so, I’m only in the middle of Chapter Two.

But Chapter Two has my heart racing. What I’ve read so far, it’s what I’ve shoved for years into the back of my mind as I became enmeshed in the mind-trap (William S. Burroughs might’ve called it a mind-virus) that Western Occultism has become. It’s as if Mr. Miel is describing my original, innocent praxis from the point of view of a seasoned veteran. Contrary to almost universal belief in the magical world, the Spirits themselves will initiate you, if you treat Them right, no matter that you’re breaking all the rules that humans have imposed upon Them.

I’m gushing. This is a damned good book though. If you’re familiar with the show Twin Peaks, imagine me gushing over this book the way FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper would take a sip of hot black coffee, get a genuinely beatific look on his face, and gush: “Damn good coffee .. Damn good coffee!

I’ll write a full review when I finish. For now, I can only say “Highly Recommended”. I only wish the book were available in other formats. I hope it soon will be.

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