Working(s) to Save $25K [EDITED]

Divination informs me that within two years, if I use perhaps all the sorcery I know, I can save $25,000 for SRS — sex reassignment surgery. I would have begun this project of using magic to help me save money regardless of the result of the divination. The result was very positive though and I’m excited about it now that I know I won’t have to bend realities too much. —I’m learning Tarot fast, thanks to this book, but I use geomancy (see also here) as my divinatory method of choice.

Come July 25th Jupiter will enter Cancer and I can make the 4rth Pentacle of Jupiter from a flat piece of silver, one big enough on which to engrave the complex design of the Pentacle. I don’t have the skills or equipment or a safe place to smelt and mold silver, so I’m wracking my brains for flattish silver things. I can use a hammer to erase out any designs already present. I don’t think an old silver dollar will be big enough. Anybody have any ideas?

—Yes, I’m begging for your comments. I need ideas. I know no shame sometimes.

I’ll be doing a lot of other Jupiter work, using Jason Miller’s book Financial Sorcery as my guide. About one third or more of the book is really good mundane financial advice, and I’ll be memorizing that stuff. By the way, the book contains twelve or fifteen or so of what Jason calls Lightning Glyphs. These he received directly from Jove, Jupiter the God, deep in meditation and attaining to very subtle (or “high” if you prefer) levels of reality. I’ve used the Glyph for Pure Luck three times during doctor’s appointments. I’ve been amazed at the results each time. —I forgot to carry it with me day before yesterday to an appointment, and for the first time since I began transition I’ve been disappointed by my blood work results. Mr. Miller’s sorceries just works.

As I took his Strategic Sorcery course, I’ll be working with the Spirits from the Strategic Sorcery mini-Grimoire too. If you are serious about tactical or results magic to better your life both materially and spiritually I highly recommend this course. I haven’t finished the homework for it myself, and I was an early student. The last assignment will be beyond me still for a long time. What I’m saying is, the course is intense, serious, advanced and kick-ass. Highly recommended.

Beyond using a grimoire like Jake Stratton-Kent’s translation of the True Grimoire (AKA the Grimorium Verum), evoking individual angels and demons, sigil work, Hoodoo and Conjure and old fashioned prayer to my Gods — which I’ve already thought of, obviously — does anyone out there who’s magically inclined have any suggestions?

[EDIT: As there are probably dozens of Hoodoo and Conjure workings for drawing money, I struck that out. Let me know of any you like.]

If so, I’ll be eternally grateful. I’ll also set a light for you in my temple (also known as my shed, but it’s a nice shed) for your health, wealth, protection, or happiness — whatever you prefer.

Let me know (I’m begging, remember) and thank you!


7 thoughts on “Working(s) to Save $25K [EDITED]

  1. Satyr Magos says:

    For engravable flat silver objects, I recommend a jewelers supply company like Rio Grand. When I’ve contemplated projects like this, I’ve planned on using something like

  2. Robert Mitchell says:

    To confront a problem and prevail, a powerful sorcerer puts all options both magical and mundane on the table — subterfuge, theatrics, manipulation, sex appeal, charisma, good old-fashioned elbow grease, sleight of hand, magic, you-name-it — as conscience allows.

    As an occultist and an accounting manager with 20+ years experience in both endeavors, my advice is to put at least as much energy into financial workings as you put into your occult workings. Use your occult powers to embrace Frugality. Cut expenses, make do with less, and put all the money you save aside. I shop for clothes only at thrift stores, use a two-year-old android phone from Virgin Mobile, and drive a 12-year-old vehicle. Those three things alone save me hundreds of dollars each month.

    Your temple is a shed? So’s mine! Finished, carpeted, heated like a little house, it’s my Sanctum Sanctorum and Fortress of Solitude.

    For Tarot my favorite book is “Tarot as a Way of Life” by Karen Hammaker-Zondag. She takes a Jungian approach.

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      In Strategic Sorcery it’s a cardinal rule that one always combines mundane and occult methods and also avoids emergency magic whenever possible. Emergency magic is bad magic — we should never neglect mundane efforts working to bolster our magical efforts, and one should always have a plan. I’m beginning to think up my strategies and various plans and necessities now. Also I’ve almost completely curbed my spending to groceries and bills. I have much to learn about the mysteries of personal finance though. —Notice I said I’m planning and thinking mostly at this point. Actually carrying out those plans and thoughts strategically, that’s the rub.

      That’s excellent! – our sheds, I mean. Mine has a wood floor however, the better for chalking sigils and laying rings of flour or natron.

      Incidentally, the full title of the Tarot book I’m finding so helpful is Tarosophy: Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape It, quite reminiscent of your favorite, Tarot as a Way of Life. The author Marcus Katz takes however a more magical than psychological approach to understanding and implementing Tarot. Still he doesn’t neglect the mundane, teaching elementary techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming like anchoring and installing, also some pretty advanced ideas about how to tell a story from a Tarot spread, etc. And I’m only on about page 50 and haven’t read ahead.

      Thanks for your comments! In quite a few ways we seem to think alike.

      • Robert Mitchell says:

        Looking back, what I said coulda been read as kinda preachy. Sorry about that, I gotta type slower! Glad you understood what I was trying to say and didn’t take offense.

        My work tends to be more ritualistic and religious as opposed to spell oriented, more about communion and centering. I use occult methods to (a) solidify my intent so that I maintain focus on goals, and (b) clear the way for them in the world. Also I never talk about a working until the goal is complete. It seems to drain so much energy from it. What do you think?

        Sometimes I think I’m copping out by putting too much emphasis on the mundane side. But then I think, “Meh. As long as it works!”

        Please keep us informed on your progress, and “bon chance!”

  3. Rachel Izabella says:

    No worries! What you see as preachiness I see as good advice. I’m simply fortunate to have had a teacher who, like you, emphasizes meshing occult endeavors with mundane work and vice versa. —As for not talking about a working till it’s done, I could be wrong but I find that it makes me psychologically, internally accountable to my interlocutor or readership. I’d like to think that that stimulates my efforts and doesn’t drain them. With my writings here and eventually “Field Reports” which I intend to post from time to time, I’ll find out whether I’m correct or not. —And thanks for the good wishes!

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