Patron Deity? [EDITED]

I’m such a night owl my sleep debt equals the national debt, and I find myself here posting and posting tonight and this morning like never before. Oh well. I’ll sleep another night.

For about four years I’ve known that Hekate is my Patron Deity … Patroness … Matron … insert preferred term here. She’s silent a lot of the time though. Some say Her name means She Who works from afar or even The Distant One. For the second time now a new Deity, strange to me, has entered my life — or just maybe been introduced by Her, because I need the lessons the new God teaches. In the past however Hekate has always returned, but always in a tantalizing fashion, never revealing what it is She wants of me. I believe, whatever it might be, that I’m just not ready for it yet.

I did a pathworking today. If you don’t know what a pathworking is, it’s like the guided meditations that therapists and yoga teachers are fond of, minus the therapist or yoga teacher. You yourself read the script beforehand and follow it alone (some groups utilize group pathworkings, but I’ve never attended such a thing). It was for finding your Patron Deity, or the Deity you need in your life the most right now. I found Dionysos. Again. Hence another post in His honor.

But Hekate first. Always, Hekate first (I assume: a little more, just a hint, a maybe, on that later). This post is in Her honor too.

The problem with talking about Hekate is the sanitization She’s undergone in the Neopagan collective imagination. If you read about Her on most Neopagan sites you’ll find a benevolent Goddess of benevolent witches perhaps or — Gods forgive us! — the stupid and erroneous assertion that as a Triple Goddess She takes the forms of Maiden, Mother and Crone. For some … um … gentler pagans that’s an unquestioned orthodoxy.

Here’s a quotation from the Philosophumena of Hippolytus the Antipope. As the language much resembles that of the PGM, the Greek Magical Papyri, it’s quite possibly a condensation of a real summoning of Her for magical purposes (that is, for purposes of private religion, one definition of magic that I subscribe to). In any case, it’s true to Her Self, and it should serve to take some of the Twilight glitter off Her:

Infernal and earthly and heavenly Bombo, come.Goddess of waysides, of crossroads, lightbearer, nightwalker,
Hater of the light, lover and companion of the night,
Who rejoicest in the baying of hounds and in purple blood;
Who dost stalk amongst corpses and the tombs of the dead
Thirsty for blood, who bringest fear to mortals —
Gorgo and Mormo and Meme and many-formed one,
Come thou propitious to our libations!

alien looking hekate

That’s more like it.

Back now to Dionysos. You can try to sanitize Him, but He won’t stay sanitized somehow, not when you can find a video in His honor like this on YouTube:


Why Dionyos? I don’t know. Things change and the Gods are strange. Maybe things will change back. Probably in fact, but maybe not.

And Dionysos is The God who comes, and He seems to have come for me. I’ve not been a particularly pious polytheist thus far. —May I become one, for Him. His species of piety looks to be one wild ride, no matter how long it lasts … a year or two, or the rest of my life.

[EDIT: Godsdamn, that video is making my head want to explode! Watching it it repeatedly is becoming a religious experience unto itself. Religious experiences should make your head want to explode, in my not too humble opinion.]


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  1. thefirstdark says:

    Reblogged this on The Darkness in the Light and commented:
    When called home, I always answered…Lord Dionysus, Mother Aset, Goddess Sekhmet and Protector Lilith…

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