Thanks Due to Dionysos

To those who say the gods do not love,
to those who say the gods are self-serving and pitiless,
to those who say the gods do not concern themselves with us,
I say that you are a fool.

Melitta Benu, For Demeter: Ver advenit cor meum

After months of estrogenic bliss, I’ve started suffering from what I’m sure are HRT-related mood swings. Any little negativity might cause my mood to severely drop for up to twenty-four hours or more — negativity from a loved one, from anybody else and I’m in a just-about-to-curse-them rage.

Until two or three hours ago I was trending downwards just so. Inspired by Melitta’s words (you really should read Melitta’s blog, it’s one of the best, almost my fave) I prayed to several Gods, but it was Dionysos who answered. I’m not a Dionysian, and I’ve never prayed to Dionysos before. But now I think of it, who better for a transsexual to pray to for needs unique to a transsexual? Admittedly, Dionysos is far more than the soft, effeminate, God of wine and genderfuck, but more on that momentarily.

The instant I began to pray (just a sentence or two) my heart — literally, the area beneath my sternum — filled with a happiness that quickly spread through the whole of my body and mind. As I’ve often said before in other venues, The Gods are good.

This little entry is part of my thanksgiving to Him, to Dionysos. First His Orphic Hymn:

The Fumigation from Storax.
Bacchus I call, loud-sounding and divine,
Fanatic God, a two-fold shape is thine:
Thy various names and attributes I sing,
O, first-born, thrice begotten, Bacchic king:
Rural, ineffable, two-form’d, obscure,
Two-horn’d, with ivy crown’d, euion, pure.
Bull-fac’d, and martial, bearer of the vine,
Endu’d with counsel prudent and divine:
Triennial, whom the leaves of vines adorn,
Of Jove and Proserpine, occultly born.
Immortal dæmon, hear my suppliant voice,
Give me in blameless plenty to rejoice;
And listen gracious to my Mystic pray’r,
Surrounded with thy choir of nurses fair.

And my favorite pics of Dionysos. I don’t recall where I copied this first one from, else I’d give proper attribution. It’s a sketch that shows Dionysos in His most familiar form, the beautiful, androgynous God of wine.


Second, one of Dionysos in his lesser known Bad Ass aspect. This pic got its start as one of a collection of photos of men dressed and posed as archetypal barbarians. Sannion, the Pagan Pope as he’s called, and worthily so I might add, saw something that seemed to him very Dionysian about this photo, and it’s since been copied in various places across the Internet as if it were intended to be a pic of Dionysos. But for the record it didn’t start out that way. But then again that’s what it seems to have become.


If you don’t believe in Bad Ass Dionysos, read this: Greco-Egyptian Dionysos is a Bad Ass, on Sannion’s amazing blog, The House of Vines.

All that’s left to say is, I thank You, great God Dionysos. I owe You a libation of the good stuff.

PS — Did Dionysos give me a panacea for my woes? Will this “good feel” last forever. No. But for ending the day of worry and frustration I was causing my family, Dionysos deserves this little thank you in spades.


2 thoughts on “Thanks Due to Dionysos

  1. Skyllaros says:

    I once had a very similar experience with Big D. I fully credit him for saving my marriage at one point. He is definitely the God who Comes, and is quite compassionate in his own way. Even though he doesn’t fit into my everyday worship any more, he holds a special place in my heart.

    I’ve always loved that last picture of him, btw.

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