Heptasphere Practitioners: The Great Name Whose Number Is 9,999

[EDIT: Despite what it says in PGM II. 64—183, the Great Name there does not actually seem to add up to 9,999. It has come to my attention that there is another Great Name whose number really is 9,999. Friends report great results with it. Maybe try both and see which works better for you. This other Great Name is:


For instructions on how to pronounce this Name and the one below see the comments.]

This post is really only of use to students and veterans of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course. Sorry, all the rest of you, to leave you out. —But a real life ghost story is coming up very soon, and I hope that prospect makes you feel better.

Many of you students and veterans of Strategic Sorcery probably use the Heptasphere Zone Rite from Lesson 3, especially in times like these when Mercury is retrograde. The rite really helps. It helps much more if you use the mysterious Great Name itself, the one whose number is 9,999 in Greek isopsephy (Greek gematria, basically). I’ll take a stab — or a completely unfounded wild guess rather — and say that vibrating the Great Name at the end of the rite triples or quadruples the rite’s power and just its … oomph. But what is it?

There are several voces magicae from Antiquity whose number is 9,999, but knowing Jason’s fondness for Betz’s Greek Magical Papyri in Translation I looked there and found only one therein. It has to be the right one because the others I’ve seen in translations of other papyri are truly wimpy compared to this. It is a great name in the truest sense of the word: it’s very, very long. Here’s the relevant quote containing the name from PGM II. 64—183, located on page 17:

I am he, NN, who have presented myself to you, and you have given me as a gift the knowledge of your most great name [italics mine], of which the number is 9,999: IÊ IE IA IAÊ IAE IEY IÊA IÔA IEY IÊI ÊIA EA EÊ ÊE ÔÊ ÊÔ EÊE EEÊ ÊEE AAÔ ÔEA EAÔ ÔI ÔE ÊÔ EÊ EAE III OOO YYY ÔÔÔ IY EY OY ÊEA IÊEA EAE EIA IAIE IÊA IOY IÔE IOY IÊ IÊ IÊ IÊIE; Paian, Phoibos of Kolophon, [….]

I proofread that three times to make sure I got it right. and I’m pretty darned sure I did. Use this name! You will be pleased with the results.


2 thoughts on “Heptasphere Practitioners: The Great Name Whose Number Is 9,999

  1. Neverfox says:

    Excellent research. Would you mind providing a pronunciation guide for the different letters in the Great Name?

    • Rachel Izabella says:

      Hi Neverfox, and thanks! Here we go:

      A as in father
      E as in bed
      Ē as in they
      I as in peek
      O as in bone
      Ō as in awe
      Y as in German für, i.e., like “ee” in English but with lips rounded like in “ooh”

      Caveat: I need to rewrite this entry. There is another Great Name whose number is 9,999, and friends report great results with it. It is CHABRACH PHNESCHĒR PHICHRŌ PHNYRŌ PHŌCHŌ BŌCH.

      PH as in haphazard
      CH as is backhand
      Other consonants as in English, but preferably trill the R’s. Vowel as above.

      Maybe try both and see which seems to you to work best. Hope this helps.

      Rachel Izabella

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